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Complete BMW M52TUB25

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    Complete BMW M52TUB25

    Hey all,

    Throwing this up for sale.

    Reason: I pulled it from an E46 to throw into my E36 compact.

    This is the double VANOS update motor.

    Then an E39 showed up.

    Then another E46 showed up.

    Now I have 3 of the fuckers but only one car that needs one of these motors.

    Came from a running and driving car, has compression but 280,000km's.

    This is a complete motor, including all accesories, engine loom, ECU, EWS, key, manual + service history.

    It'll need a complete service, new rear main seal, VANOS seals, all the stuff you'd do anyway.

    AC didn't work in the donor car so no idea if the AC compressor works but it's there.

    The sump has some sort of hard set goop on it, I assume to stop a leak. It's not leaking, it's just something to note.

    I'm after $500. Is a popular conversion into E30's and the like.