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Toyo R888r - (5) 195/50/15's - Swaps for 6 pack

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    Toyo R888r - (5) 195/50/15's - Swaps for 6 pack

    As per title, have 5 used Toyo R888r tyres, a couple are quite good and the other 2 have a bit of life left yet, one is usable (spare ?) but just about fucked. Probably about 2 to 3 years old at most ?

    PF Special - Will swap for 6 pack of half decent beers.

    Call or text me, and i'll send pics. Including some of tyres also.

    Paul zero 4 two 8 two 8 35 double 3

    Edit - Actually have an extra 2 so now 7 in total. These 2 are both quite good.
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      will you deliver?
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        also PMd.
        Happy to do contactless pick up
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          Would be interested as well if not already gone.


            Sorry guys, Chris got in early with a text and post. "Sold pending"
            The older i get, the better i was...