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SR20 powered R33 sedan

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    [VIC] SR20 powered R33 sedan

    Hey guys, selling my R33 sedan to fund other projects. specs are as follows:

    R33 Sedan, sexy 2 tone. little rough but in pretty good condition. there is a dint in the drivers rear quarter panel from tyre de-laminating, and a bit of damage to the rear of the bonnet from catching on the guard when opening it..

    SR20DET from a s1 s14.
    new rocker cover gasket, and front and rear main seals, exhaust gaskets, turbo studs and lock tabs.
    EGR deleted
    GKTech rocker stopper kit
    braided turbo lines
    Midnightmods oil cooler kit (tomei style block, remote mount filter, medium sized cooler & braided lines)
    Midnight mods extended sump
    ASI radiator with BA thermofans and temp switch
    mid mounted intercooler with stainless piping
    stainless intake pipe with pod filter
    Midnight mods bellmouth dump pipe, full tucked 3 inch exhaust, centre offset rear muffler with twin stainless tips
    walbro 460 fuel pump

    S14 5 speed gearbox with GKTech shifter bushing and new shifter seal
    exedy heavy duty button clutch
    GKTech braided clutch line
    1 piece tailshaft with new staked unis
    4.3 shimmed LSD

    BC coilovers
    custom JDI knuckles (my design to suit my driving and ride height)
    GKTech caster arms
    boxed and braced caster arm mounts
    GKTech traction arms
    GKTech rear camber arms
    GKTech rear toe arms
    S15 rear cradle (braced toe arms mounts and LCA mounts)
    Midnight mods solid cradle risers
    R33 GTR rear swayer with new link bushes
    Standard R33 turbo brakes all round with near new bend pads

    Velo gtp90 drivers seat on custom rail
    velo passenger seat on custom rail (bit rough but does the job)
    nardi deep corn 360mm wheel with 3 inch spacer
    basic half cage (can still use the rear seat)
    fire extinguisher
    full set of genuine floor mats
    dash all works with the SR20, though the boost isn't hooked up, and the speedo is wrong (comes with a jaycar speedo corrector)

    enkei RPF1 all round, painted to match the lower dark grey
    FRONT: 17x9 +22 plus a 15mm GKTech spacer running 215/45 kumho ku31 tyres
    REAR: 18x9.5 +38 running 235/40 worn tyres

    there is probably stuff i have forgot, but here is a link to the build thread:
    most of the parts that went into this build have only done 1 track day and very little street driving. there is really nothing to spend, just jump in and drive.

    it also comes with the stock exhaust, stock steering wheel, stock struts with king springs, and a snapped in half type m front bumper.

    it is also defected, so will need a roady, come with no rego also.

    I'm after 10k and the car is located in country victoria, 2 hours east of melbourne.
    my number is 0438319875, thanks for reading


    R33 Sedan
    little rough
    worn tyres
    really nothing to spend, just jump in and drive

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    91 SW20 MR2



      stop reading the details..


        Didn't want to be the first :D
        Jason Broadhurst

        Someone once asked me if they could use my mower. I said "sure, so long as it doesn't leave my yard"


          This track car appears to have seen substantially more track time than mine so I will refrain from ripping on it. Not that theres much to rip on track car. Gives no farks for defects/rego.
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            Hi guys, thanks for the interest!

            As above, is leaning more towards a track car. And i don't want to mislead anyone with details.
            If you did want to register it, it comes with the important stock parts as mentiond in the add. Would just need standard front seats and tyres.


              Why the SR20? I don't think I've ever seen anyone replace the RB20/25 with an SR20.


                I figured copying that top secret supra they put a 3SGTE into.
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                  I just did it because i can. I just enjoy doing engine swaps. Was curious to see how it handled and went. Really not disapointed either.
                  As can be seen in the video, it hold 3rd gear skids with 235s on stock boost.


                    Megala from here put an sr in a cefiro years back I think.

                    There's a bit of weight difference between the rb and sr... And sits further back..


                      Originally posted by 1uzusee View Post
                      Why the SR20? I don't think I've ever seen anyone replace the RB20/25 with an SR20.
                      Heeps of people in Aus swap the rb20 for sr20 in ceffy's, r32's etc. The SR just makes a lot more low end torque than the rb20. In japan they swap the rb out for the sr much much more. This car is a little more unique as you rarely see the rb25 swapped out for the sr20.
                      Originally posted by Babalouie
                      Geez we're a bunch of softcocks...we have a 911 and we're obsessing over non-functional ducts and indicator colours


                        I've seen another R33 4 door with an SR swap in WA a few years ago, orange one. Makes sense to me for a track skid car.

                        I swapped from RB25det to SR in my 180.
                        Much better balance and feel without that big heavy lump over the front axle.
                        Originally posted by Rdyno
                        It's fucking storytime with Rdyno cunt shut the fuck up and fuck off.


                          Bump! Now comes with haltech ps1000 and patch loom to suit!