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2010 Land Rover Discovery 4 SDV6 SE

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    2010 Land Rover Discovery 4 SDV6 SE

    We are going to be sad to see this go but it is time for an upgrade. This car has been spot on for touring as well as getting off the beaten track to explore the more remote parts of Australia.

    It has the hard to find Rear Air option as well as the HK upgraded stereo with iphone connection and USB interface which works really well on this model.

    Colour coded ARB winch bar gives ample protection from the wild life and Lightforce HID spotlights help you see them coming when it gets dark.

    GME UHF is fitted to enable to you maintain contact with other while on the road and a Tekonsha P3 Electric Brake controller has been fitted if you like to pull a caravan and see the sights in comfort.

    A full length Rhino Basket gives plenty of options for extra storage space or a roof top tent if you don't want to take the trailer and a full Set of 18 Compmotive alloys rims means that tyres are going to be easier to find when you are off the beaten track.

    In the event that things do go wrong the vehicle comes with Nancom Evolution diagnostic tool that will allow you to check and clear error codes as well as do things like calibrate the transmission, park brake and even adjust the ride height.

    GOE adjustable ride height links have been fitted to allow you to run the vehicle at higher suspension settings if needed.

    We are the second owners of the vehicle and have had is since 123,000km vehicle currently has 193,000km on it and presents very well. It has the 180kw motor so tows very well.

    Vehicle has NSW rego (CWZ08D) until July 2019

    Toyo Open Country A/T tyres fitted 20,000km ago

    Full service history, has been serviced by Graeme Copper Automotive since Jan 2015 with services done every 10,000km. Roverworks did the second last service in Canberra and I have just done the oil, filter and air filter.

    Run down on some of the major service aspects that the vehicle has had done.

    Front discs and pads replaced at 192,000km
    New Battery 187,000km
    New water outlet 182,000km
    EAS compressor replaced by British Offroad 168,000km
    Transmission Flush and diff and transfer case oils changed 163,000km
    Timing Belt done at 152,000km
    Front prop shaft replaced at 146,000km
    Front lower control arms replaced at 144,000km
    Transmission flush 127,000km

    This is an excellent vehicle that represents great value for money if you are looking for an off-road capable 4WD that can seat 7 in comfort.

    There are a lot of photos in the link attached.

    Got it advertised for $37,500 but will take $36,000 for PF dudes.

    I get that this thing is not everyone's cup of tea but if you can get over the interwebz stories they are a very capable bit of kit and much better value than a 200 series or equivalent.



      Sorry, $36,000 for PF price. Advertised for $37,500 elsewhere.


        This is now $32,500. Can do for a bit less if you don't want the rack or the Nancom. Also might have a buyer for the rims which will knock $1500 off the price.


          This is still sitting there not being used. Happy to entertain reasonable offers.


            That is seriously good value. Not in the market, but keen on the wheels (look like GOE Compomotive ones) if you want to offload them.


              They are GOE, set of 5 @ $690 each..... Wheels would have to be exchange is the only issue as I sold the OEM wheels years ago.


                Wheels looked like knock off Simmons at first glance!
                I climbed Mt Druitt


                  $31000 anyone?


                    Happy to take low ball offers. New car turned up today so really don't need thing hanging around too much longer. Rego runs out 17 July but just about to drop some more on there.

                    Full disclosure, it has developed the oil weep on the oil cooler in the valley. Took it to a Canberra workshop to trouble shoot and the not only didn't fix it but buggered the inlet manifold snout bit when playing with it.

                    Up shot is that the inlet has to come off to fix the leak, the bad news is a complete inlet is about $400. I have got it secured and functioning but it should probably be replaced. Total cost would be between $1000-1500 I guess including parts if I were to be realistic.

                    Still drives better with more power than the replacement but no-pics was due for a new car and these things are not really a home handyman sort of thing without a decent shed and a hoist.

                    Cam put a reverse camera in there as well which is mint so it has that going for it as well.


                      Now on Gumtree etc for $24950. Will entertain PF low balls. It is just sitting in the driveway not being used....


                        Jeezus that sounds like a bargain!
                        I climbed Mt Druitt


                          where are you? I'm pretty keen.

                          PM sent.



                            What can Jack Nicholson do with this?
                            Originally posted by TK
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                              Originally posted by bbits_elements View Post
                              What can Jack Nicholson do with this?
                              Well I already put the reverse camera in it... aside from that there's really only entertainment options to chuck in.

                              It already has the 600W Harman Kardon 9-speaker system in it, could upgrade to the 1200W Harman Kardon Logic7 Surround with 14-speakers. That's quite a job though...

                              Can add DAB+ Digital Radio, &/or Digital TV

                              There's an integrated Apple CarPlay & Android Auto kit for this model in the pipeline, which can incorporate HEMA off road maps.

                              It's already got the optional Xenon headlights, which are a big step up over the standard Halogens, not to mention the big fuck off spotties.

                              Could add the cooler box in the centre console armrest easy enough.

                              I wouldn't bother with a tune, they have plenty of grunt already and pulling out the ECU is a prick of a job in these things.

                              Maybe you want hardcore offroad tourer shit like dual battery, long range tank, swing out spare wheel carrier for a 2nd spare (you would need this with a long range tank anyhow as the tank goes in the factory spare wheel location). It's already got the winch bar so not too hard to add a winch. Power points in the boot for fridge would be part of a 2nd battery fitment. Really depends how nuts you want to go...

                              I saw this thing a few weeks ago it's in very good condition for it's age/mileage; I mean it's straight, paint's in good nick, interior is clean & in good nick, I see a lot of these and it's one of the nicer ones.
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                              Originally posted by nutttr
                              People must assume you are some sort of drug dealer with all these nice cars turning up to a fibro home