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[Qld] BMW x5 xdrive35d 2009 7 seater

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    I spoke with OP originally and he told me he was waiting for the car to be delivered? He would call me once he had it.
    Then I never heard from him again.


      Iím over it and got the wife some Swedish POS

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        where the fuck is OP


          Pretty sure he is on a boat, motherfucker.
          Originally posted by S
          I just want to apologise for some of my shit talking back around page 5.


            Originally posted by phat-turbo View Post
            where the fuck is OP
            Not responding and therefore saving you from the AIDS virus.


              The OP is actually surrounded by seamen. Apparently.
              The World's Best Pest Control in Brisbane, at PF mates rates, PM me.

              when all else fails, hit it harder.


                Sounds like aids
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                  The internet reckons that this should be able to tow 2.7T

                  Bit late to the party but does this have a tow bar DJ?
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                  This is obviously assuming all your AUX outputs are doing something. Ie idle control, and the other does water spray, and the other updates your Instagram automatically etc.


                    Looks like forum lost update.

                    Sorry all, split from my wife on the day I posted this originally and haven't been back on pf for about 5 months.

                    I'm thinking of moving this on and getting into something else. $15k firm

                    I've put 10000kms on it, it's a good thing.

                    Stuff I've done:

                    - new drivers side front oem air shock
                    - door handles repaired ($450 each and the rubber decomposes on all of these)
                    - lots of sensors replaced, dpf sensor, glow plugs, boost sensor, the dpf sensor being dicky prevents the dpf from doing its re gen. It's fine now but needs to be done for peace of mind at some point. $1200 part.

                    Needs doing
                    - dent in rear pax door
                    - scratch in rear tailgate
                    - wheels scratched
                    - needs new front tyres soon
                    - heater only works on full setting
                    - driver side air vent tab is broken

                    Everything else the same no tow pack.

                    Drop me a line ow four 1 seven 7 one four 2 four zero.
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                    Originally posted by thebluerx7
                    The fact they want to ban cash makes me want to go out and use it full time again now .