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EL falcon track car 700 HP with car Trailer

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    EL falcon track car 700 HP with car Trailer

    $20k comes with own car trailer with elect winch and tool boxes. ,laptop with tuning software and different tunes. some spares. extra thermo fans ,brake calipers, brake pads. p/s pump ,alt, etc etc .

    car makes 520 kw at the wheels. tuned my adam at JEM .

    97 EL Fairmont Ghia
    Built motor comprising of. Atomic rods sps pistons ,atomic stud girdle ,atomic head studs,JMM head. Custom turbo grind crow cam. Atomic balancer.
    Custom turbo manifold
    GTX3582R turbo with inline filter
    Turbo smart 45 mm wastegate.

    Fuel system
    Custom fuel rail. -10 return - 8 feeds
    Indy blue 1600 cc injectors
    Turbo smart 1200 HP fuel reg
    60 LT fuel cell
    Twin Bosch 044 pumps
    2x magnafuel filters
    2x billet fuel filters
    All fuel hoses are Teflon braid with speedflow fittings.

    Gearbox is a T56 from Malwood.
    Has pedal pin and hydraulic pedal
    With button clutch

    Diff is a standard EL diff with billet 31 splines axles with a full spool.AU diff Hat

    Tail shaft is a 3.5 " moly with 1350 uni.



    Custom uprights
    With AU 2 calipers
    TS50 rotors 329 mm
    Custom hub
    With QFM comp 9 race pads


    Territory rear brakes 329mm
    With QFM comp 9 pads

    Roll cage

    6 point Chrome Moly cage.
    Unpainted. As I never got it cams certified.

    Sparco race seats
    With 6 point harness's

    Wheel ROH RT 17x8 I have 9 of these wheels.

    Tyres on car KU36 semi slicks

    Intercooler is a 100 mm core. With 3" piping.


    EMS 6860
    With AEM smart coils
    Full seq injection
    I will supply both E85 tune and 98 tune
    Ecu has 2 step setup
    and shift light


    Front koni yellow front shocks
    AU upper arms
    Lovells superlow springs

    Front and rear 30 mm sway bars
    Rear was custom made.

    Pedders shocks
    Lovells springs

    Adjustable control arms to fix diff angle

    Dash has Autometer gauges
    It also runs E boost 2 with 3 boost settings.

    All dash instruments work.

    Interior is stripped out.

    No door trims
    No carpet
    No roof lining
    All dash and center console is there.

    All heater piping is removed
    And aircon piping is removed.

    car will come with its own dual axle car trailer with electric winch and tool boxes and rego

    and what spares i have for the car

    i have probably forgotten to include details about something.but any questions please ask.

    please pm me on here .

    if you would like to inspect the car and are generally interested in buying it i ask for a small refundable deposit .as i just dont have time to be stuffed around at the moment.

    Im happy to tow it to you if you live on the east coast for the cost of fuel and a flight home.

    i have heaps more photos if anyone is interested.
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    Fuck that's pretty serious underneath for what is an external sleeperooney!

    EDIT - didn't realise I was in FS. Disregard my praise / ramble.


      all good . share it around . car needs to go , before the ex gets half of it .
      EL GHIA


        Having been in this car, if fucking hammers. A++++

        Sad to see it go
        Im not only sure Im HIV positive.


          You should put the fact it comes with a trailer at the top of the post! Looks like good value!


            thanks ive edited the title
            EL GHIA


              Budget dragweek car?


                $1000 spotters fee if someone finds a buyer for it
                EL GHIA