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wtb cheap shitter for no pics - QLD

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    [QLD] wtb cheap shitter for no pics - QLD

    she's realised brisbane is fucked without a car.

    looking for something $3k and under, must be auto with aircon and somewhat reliable. I don't really want to have to do much as we will just sell it end of next year when we leave the country.

    Been looking at early 2000's 323's - seem decent for 3 and under (sub 140k with an airbag and ac)? Any idea what the auto's are like?

    If anyone has any other suggestions, open to ideas.

    Obviously prefer to buy from pf'er rather than scumtree.

    We had a 2000 323 1.8 auto from new and sold with 275k. Auto was faultless.


      EK civics can be had cheap and go forever


        Originally posted by gmr View Post
        EK civics can be had cheap and go forever
        found a good one.

        everything is mickey mouse except the box has a slight lurch/slip between gears. are these gearboxes reliable (as in will new fluid be all it likely needs)? it drives a million times better with 180k than a 323 i drove with '103k'.