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2008 Clio 197

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    2008 Clio 197

    Ive got too many kids and too many cars. Unfortunately this is the least practical so has to go.
    I've had it for 2.5 years. In that time I've done the timing belt, water pump, all fluids and changed the strut tops.
    I've really loved driving it and I'd be keeping it if it wasn't for 3 kids and I had somewhere to keep it.
    Fantastic handling, great motor, great brakes.
    It's had the steering wheel replaced and the drivers seat is still in pretty good shape. Most of these have trashed steering wheels and seats.
    Nice basic stereo with Focal splits and a sub.
    Pretty good nick overall. Low k's.

    These things are built pretty light. It does have some buzzes and rattles as they all seem too.
    Two small car park dings in the passengers door.
    All the wheels have been curbed at some point in its past.
    The paint is ok from a distance, but really needs a correction if you want it to look really good.
    The windscreen wipers have just gone haywire. I'll try to get this sorted before selling.

    $8000. In Newcastle.

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    These are a hoot
    Originally posted by brasher
    TJ is 99% African American.


      How many is low km's.

      For an interim "I'm only keeping this car a year" my Clio was one of the best/funnest cars I've owned (hence I kept it for 6yrs!).
      Hide yo' wife!!!


        Shit, missed that. About 88,000. From memory I bought it with about 65 on it.
        This is the most fun car Iíve ever had. Even around town/ going to the shops itís so chuckable and responsive.
        I did the daycare pick up with 2 kids seats in the back for 2 years, but 3 just wonít fit. Haha.


          This is an itch I need to scratch. Not in black in Qld though.
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