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Recent imported 180sx 4sale

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    Recent imported 180sx 4sale

    This is goin into the Tradin post next week so if ur interested in this car be quick to call...

    My room mate has been thinkin of sellin his 180sx .. Now he is serious about sellin it and has 4sale on the car..
    I can only give a few details on it but you'll need to call him asap if your interested. I have only the one pic, however if your
    interested plz call him and come check it out ..

    here are a few short all i have

    Full SR20 Conversion
    Genuine VEILSIDE Kit (front kit, skirts)
    17inch chrome Mynx rims or 17inch shootin stars (if u prefer)
    sports wheel/knob.
    pioneer CD deck, front splits.
    sports racin clutch
    fully adjustable suspension
    1st registered owner in AUS (6months or so ago)
    6months rego..(+ if i remember correctly)
    all power options, windows, mirrors etc)

    If ur interested plz call Jezza on 0410616539
    he is wantin to sell for $16,000 but for full details
    and so on call him...

    This wont last long once its advertised in the TP so if ur interested call him asap

    email (me)

    Hey Civic Boi wat model is it?
    VRooOOoooM ssSSssWooOOoossSssH!


      Its a 91 Model but decked out with everything 1993 Upgrade Engine etc...