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    Rally car project

    For Sale, Ex Cody Crocker Mazda RX-5 & parts.

    1. Rolling RX-5 body shell Ex Cody Crocker ARN Junior Challenge winning car. Rough condition. Includes comprehensive bolt-in steel roll cage. CAMS log book.

    2. Rolling RX-5 body shell. Very good condition, never rallied. Rare pre-pollution RX-5. Has very good twin exhaust system. CAMS log book.

    3. Spares, including:
     Complete, running 13B mild port motor (ex Cody)
     Electronic distributor and modified carburettor to suit (ex Cody)
     4-core radiator and oil cooler (ex Cody)
     5-speed gearbox (good condition) and two others in pieces
     13B bridge-port motor in pieces
     Weber manifold (IDA onto 13B)
     Starter motor
     Light weight steel flywheel, with Heavy Duty brass button clutch
     Black Flash brake pads
     Braced 121 diff housing, with 28 spline RX-5 axles
     Low ratio diff centre
     Some body panels
     Old race seats (ex Cody)
     After-market large front sway bar
     After-market rear sway bar
     After market springs (lowered HD, and rally height HD)
     Set of 14x7 steels wheels with A008Rs circuit tyres.
     Several other sets of alloy wheels, some with rally tyres.

    Enough parts to build a car and run it, with heaps of spares left over. Would make great rally project, or hill-climb / super-sprint / khanacross car. There are also many other small parts included, such as bonnet pins, battery box and isolator, 10,000rpm tacho, etc.

    $1800 the lot, negotiable.

    (02) 62596041 (Canberra)

    the source:
    "that fool that send that message i dont want no old car to buy .the question was not the dizzy it is the toyota pin out that i wanted to no.that goes to the dizzy."