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WTB - BRIS - Smallish car wanted to buy?

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    WTB - BRIS - Smallish car wanted to buy?

    So yesterday a b-double dragged it's rear trailer over my partner's car while it was parked.
    Looks like he got lost in a tight shopping centre car park he should not have been in........

    I won't be surprised if Shannons decides it's an uneconomical repair, in which case she'll be devo'd.

    She loved it to death and currently has the mindset that there's no point having a car you love when it can be so easily taken away so I've got my eye open for an ordinary shitter she can drive to work.

    Anyone got anything for sale? She won't drive an auto, or a Mitsubishi


    Not the Beetle?
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      Nope, the much loved 206cc. She's almost run out of tears now. I'll post a video later so the truck drivers here can comment on this blokes ability.
      There's actually fuck all wrong with the car. I'll end up buying it back from the insurance co. and adding it to my list of projects to be completed sometime before my death.

      We'll get her a 8-10yo Yaris or Swift to flog in the meantime. They seem to get good reviews and neither has a timing belt.

      Anyone want to sell me one? No autos.


        If i had been quick enough on the weekend to buy the Swift I was looking at for the daughter I would have sold you my Yaris - (9.5K though) but I procrastinated too long.
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          Thanks. We were about to go out and buy a Swift on Saturday... I was killing time in the morning and logged onto Shannons to see if the claim had progressed and discovered they had assigned it to a repairer!

          I was truly stunned....