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2002 SF5 GT Forester

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    [QLD] 2002 SF5 GT Forester

    Have my old daily driver up for sale to try and reclaim some garage space...

    I'm the 2nd owner, bought it in 2007 and dove it daily until 2013 when an 86 replaced it for the work commute and I redid the engine setup. Chassis has done 213K and current engine/turbo etc has done 45K


    -Rising Sun 2.5L Short block with eagle rods and CP pistons, 12mm oil pump, ATI Damper, Tomei timing belt guide
    -Ported single AVCS Heads with 264 Kelford cams, ARP studs and genuine headgaskets
    -Killer-B oil pickup and sump
    -Cosworth Intake Manifold on Process West CNC TGV deletes, modified for Cable throttle
    -Injector Dynamics 725cc injectors with custom modified MRT Rails plumbed in parallel with Speedflow -6 400 series fittings, Gates Barricade hose and Turbosmart FPR800 including Texas Instruments 150psi fuel pressure sensor, walbro 255 in-tank pump
    -Kando Dynamic equal length headers, heat wrapped with modified up-pipe to suit turbosmart MVR wastegate and Tial v-band rear housing
    -Garrett GTX3076 with Tial 0.82 v-band rear housing, custom -6 AN hardlines for water, braided -4 feed for oil and custom drain with -10 400 series fittings/hose/
    -Koyo Alloy radiator with relocated & modified coolant header tank
    -Custom alloy pipework with 6" base K&N filter to bellmouth turbo intake, 2.5" intercooler pipes, turbosmart plumb-back BOV and TRP FMIC
    -Perrin AOS fitted with Proflow black AN fittings
    -3" stainless exhaust with plumbed back wastegate via stainless flex bellows, v-band flanges throughout, magnaflow metal cat, Adrenalin-R spiral baffle resonator and rubber bobbin mounted Adrenalin-R spiral-baffle chambered rear muffler with tips
    -Link G4+ WRX V7-9 Plugin ECU and Innovate LC-1 wideband with XD-16 display


    -GDB 6 speed STI gearbox, R180 rear diff
    -Competition Clutch Billet flywheel, OEM 6 speed clutch disc and Competition Clutch pressure plate, new clutch fork and pin installed at time of engine build
    -GDB Brembo brakes front and rear with braided lines
    -STI alloy front control arms
    -Spec-C STI steering rack
    -Cusco front strut brace
    -Whiteline swaybars, rear arms and swaybar links, NRG rear swaybar mounts.
    -Rota Torque 18x8 +45 rims with Michelin Pilot Super Sport 245/40/18, also have HR Racing 18x7.5 +45's with 235 Dunlops.
    -Tein Street Basis coilovers with standard GDB STI pillowmounts


    -Has the usual carpark door dents and scuffs for it's age, headliner is sagging at the rear, a bit of paint has flaked off the front grille and some clear has flaked off the rear wing
    -aftermarket fender add-on's, rear wing
    -Odyssey Battery
    -have both custom FRP big STI style bonnet scoop and a stock bonnet scoop
    -Thule Roof Racks


    -GDB STI front seats retrimmed in leather to match rear seats
    -SF5 STI red-stitch door trims (have standard leather GT door trims spare)
    -STI 3 spoke steering wheel
    -Defi BF Oil Pressure, Temp and Boost Pressure gauges in Zerosports housing
    -Pioneer AVH-P8450BT 7" touchscreen headunit, some sort of amp under the passenger seat and upgraded speakers front and rear (Original owner had the amp and speakers done when he was the CFO for Strathfield group)
    -Proclip phone mount

    A folder with a bunch of photo's of parts that went into the recent build is here:!AtAw9ijYShwIkcZiHrPoiTLFKbDYCw

    I'm looking to get $12K for it as is, slightly negotiable if there's some parts on it you don't want. Seeing if there's any interest out there before I decide to part it out and build a track GC8 with the good bits. Has QLD rego to the end of May 2020. QLD modplate and previous engineering papers from NSW also

    Click image for larger version  Name:	0162.jpg Views:	0 Size:	1.01 MB ID:	7090024Click image for larger version  Name:	0164.jpg Views:	0 Size:	1,022.1 KB ID:	7090025Click image for larger version  Name:	0139.jpg Views:	0 Size:	587.0 KB ID:	7090023
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    How many KW on the dyno?


      dont know, haven't had the new setup on the dyno, was street tuned when the new engine went in. Old motor with V6 STI heads/cams, similar bottom end and a GT3082 made 260kw atw on 19psi at Southern Motorworks mainline in Woollongong, and 240kw atw at Godzilla motorsport's dyno dynamic unit in QLD. New setup is significantly better and doesn't drop off after 5500rpm like the old setup
      Click image for larger version

Name:	dyno1.jpg
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        This pretty much my perfect do it all daily. Carry the bike, ferry relos from the airport, tow-bar for basic duties. Very nice.

        Does the cruise still work?
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          yep, and funnily enough that was my first question when I bought it from Sydney back in 2007


            Was there alot done to it when you got it back in 2007 work wise? Also is there much to keep an eye on reliability wise?

            Trying to convince my brother to go halves, I love it but he rkns big mods mean big maintenance.



              it was a similar spec when I got it, with a built EJ257 from Southern Motorworks, GT3082R, different wastegate, bov, fuel system, exhaust, coilovers and it was originally running a plugin Autronic SM4. Original owner (GUMP from the rexnet days) had spent a fortune with MRT, TRP and Southern Motorworks building the car while he had it. Part of the reason I did the rework in 2013 was it was needing a clutch and then I discovered a ton of sub-par work from said workshops, so it snowballed to a 20K endeavour to build it the way I wanted and thought was best

              Reliability wise, I do the oil and filter every 5000 k's and I've done the wheel bearings/hubs once in the time I've had it, brake discs/pads when they need it and the occasional front right swaybar bush as it wears faster than the others with proximity to the headers. There's a toggle switch in the console under the handbrake to select between ECU controlled boost and wastegate spring pressure (0.8bar), daily driving I have it on spring pressure.

              Original bay pic and a couple of the dodgey workshop work found, the horrid up-pipe was conveniently hidden under heat-wrap:
              Click image for larger version

Name:	FinalEngine2.jpg
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                Very nice setup.


                  That's such good value. Must resist.


                    Where are you located?
                    Disclaimer: I may have no idea what I am talking about


                      What's the fuel consumption like when daily-ing?


                        In Brisbane,

                        does approx 13.5-14L/100 around town and just under 10L/100km on the highway


                          Hmm. That's just under my usage currently but my car has less power and about 400kg more weight.

                          Someone else buy this before I do something irresponsible


                            Originally posted by andy_wk View Post
                            Hmm. That's just under my usage currently but my car has less power and about 400kg more weight.

                            Someone else buy this before I do something irresponsible
                            Yep I fucking want it bad. But currently have 8 cars and a bike. But I only want it for the driveline to stick in a super clean MY00 (if and when one comes along)


                              Sent a message about this
                              Disclaimer: I may have no idea what I am talking about