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2010 V36 Skyline, type S

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    2010 V36 Skyline, type S

    Hey Guys,

    Selling our 370GT sedan, nopics has a new daily so this is for sale

    Its a 2010 type S (sports) model, being a 2010, that means the 7 speed auto, (with paddle shift). VQ37VHR.

    I carried out a JOC before I purchased, and it is a 4.5 grade import, imported early 2017, and first aus rego was march 17. Can supply VIN if you'd like to check for yourself.

    124xxxkm currently.

    New pirelli tires fitted 5k ago.

    Bremtec pads all round 5k ago.

    Oil/filter changed every 3-5000km, using penrite 10/0ths 5-30w.

    Ice cold air con
    Factory privacy tint on rear

    It has the option front lip and rear spoiler, and is stock except for a Nismo cat back, and Nismo shock/spring combo.

    Infinity G37 Grill and rear badges has been installed, this was carried out in japan, as the pics in the JOC report show the badges fitted

    The car came with full japanese log books, the Nismo "certificates/documents" are still there also, as well as documentation for the front lip, etc. Small details, but I found the log books/nismo certs cool to look through, even though I can't read them

    One small scrape on front lip, (10mmx5mm), right rear tail light has a small barely noticeable chip, interior has a couple of small marks, barely noticable.

    Rego till August 2020

    Its a great car to drive, handles well, and is quite quick.

    I can take pics of log books, or any other areas, just PM me. Or msg/call 0475 four zero eight 221

    Located in Nowra/Wollongong.

    $15 000, fairly neg for PF folks

    Click image for larger version

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    A lot of car for the money and they move very well.

    Sound awesome with an intake.

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      Bump, Price drop to $13500. Just about to put it up on carsales


        I love these Maximas.
        Jason Broadhurst

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          Another price drop, $13000. still fairly negotiable


            Le Bump and price drop. $12500 negotiable. 131xxxkm now.