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Lotus Elise (honda K24 engineered go-kart)

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  • nuk1ear
    Originally posted by Cal View Post
    I would have been one of them if a K20A powered car didn't show up a suburb from my house.
    fair call. However the additional 400cc may be worth it......

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  • Cal
    I would have been one of them if a K20A powered car didn't show up a suburb from my house.

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  • nuk1ear
    Yeh ive actually had heaps of interest in this which surprised me a lot. No one dropping $$$ yet however.

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  • rowdytoot
    Originally posted by Justengt4 View Post
    Must not look...
    Join the club Justen.

    Actually I should look, but I need to decide what I want first...

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  • Justengt4
    Must not look...

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  • nuk1ear
    Thanks mate.

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  • TJ
    I actually have a friend looking for one of these - will forward details.

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  • nuk1ear
    started a topic Lotus Elise (honda K24 engineered go-kart)

    Lotus Elise (honda K24 engineered go-kart)

    It is with great sadness I put this car up for sale. My partner has been happy to work with me in keeping this car for over 6 years now but the time has come and our family is growing and we simply cannot justify holding this one any longer. Originally from Perth, the car has done very low mileage, but has been driven like an elise should - on tracks and in the mountains.

    The car has been driven a couple of times a month for the past 3 years and the kms reflect this. The car has not been babied or treated like a child.

    I am not in a rush to sell, the price reflects the vehicle and this vehicle is fully engineered and registered in Victoria with the K24 engine.

    ~20k kms on the vehicle
    Conversion finished in 2016
    Honda K24a3 block - Bored/honed/clearanced for rods/pistons/bearings by 'crankshaft rebuilders' in blackburn
    K20a (japanese type R) head and cams and VTC gear - mild resurface, valves/seats 3 angle cut
    12.5:1 87.5mm Wiseco pistons
    Manley Turbo Tuff rods
    RRC Manifold (increased volume, cut/spaced/welded) and ported (not port matched, proper porting of each runner while it was open) with 70mm billet throttle body
    K20 Oil pump (no balance shafts, better flow)
    K20 sump
    Cometic head gasket
    Clockwise oil baffle plate
    Billet Chain guide retainer
    goodridge hoses and fittings used
    MOCAL oil cooler
    Flex sensor (continental one) wired but not tuned on flex

    Hondata v4 ECU
    Redline set at 8400rpm (power drops off just before this point)

    I built the engine to allow additional cams to be installed and an OEM thickness gasket which would bring compression back to 12.5:1 and better cam shafts will see significant power gains.

    Wavetrac LSD installed with standard K20a gearbox
    DSS drive shafts with NEO CV grease
    Clutch masters clutch

    Remainder of vehicle:
    Custom built 4-1 headers over the rear subframe into a twin pass muffler. Nice and quiet at idle, sounds wonderful at full noise. Vibrant CAT used.
    TTS Engine mounts and shift cable guides
    SSC Toe link brace/toe links
    Toyota elise shifter/centre mount
    SSC shift cables
    Lifepo4 battery and battery cutoff switch
    Standard Bilstein suspension (have some quantum zeros which can go with the car)
    Team Dynamics wheels with Hankook RS3 tyres (plenty of tread) - Stock wheels come with car also
    Corbeau LE-pro fixed back seat with Scroth 4pt harness (standard seat provided of course)
    AC system remains, but i never got around to putting the pump back on (will come with car). Lines are capped in the engine bay.

    Body is not perfect as per all Elises that are actually driven. The odd chip and minor fibreglass mark (maybe 5mm or so. I put a tiny drill bit through to prevent further cracking) etc. Front left chin has a scrape since i got it which is pretty common and never fixed it. I have a GRP front lip which covers the whole area and that will come with the car also.

    The car made ~170wkw, as I mentioned theres quite a bit left in it with good cam shafts and a normal thickness gasket. I even have an overlapped dyno chart showing the amount of torque and stronger curve compared to a spoon s2000 F20c built engine that was done on the same dyno a few months later.

    The boot has a aluminium box section built to cover and protect the boot from heat. This allows the soft top to be stowed inside without issue.

    The value to me is $52k, optimistic? sure is. But no idea how much something like this is really worth. The conversion is a significant improvement and the engineering is costly and lengthy process.
    Negotiable to serious buyers. Sell without RWC. Rego until May at this stage and will extend as required.
    Click image for larger version

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