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ACT - MX5 NB8A - $4500

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    ACT - MX5 NB8A - $4500

    1998 MX5
    'Emerald Mica' green
    5 speed manual
    289k kms
    No modifications
    Located Belconnen, ACT

    Mechanically ok. No leaks, runs well, pulls strong. Water pump/timing belt service carried out by MX5 Solutions ~30k kms ago. Full service including engine, gearbox and diff oil, coolant, and plugs completed last month. Good, consistent compression across all four cylinders. Chassis is straight and I can’t see any evidence of a crash. Gearbox has a whine which I believe to be a worn input shaft bearing. It's particularly noticeable when cold and tends to quieten down once warmed up. Clutch feels great so my plan was simply to ignore the bearing until it either failed or the clutch needed doing. Ideally it wouldn't fail, but even if it did a whole replacement 5 speed is pretty close in price as replacing the bearing. Other than the gearbox it really does seem like a car that was well looked after mechanically. I purchased it from Dave of MX5 Solutions here in Canberra when he was thinning his personal fleet. He gave me a list of maintenance going back to 2008.

    Cosmetically, not good. Basically every panel either has significant fading or blemishes. There are no major dents or smashed panels, but many panels have many smaller dents. Suffice to say the paint work is real rough, but I've tried to take accurate photos of the worst offending panels. I’m sure you could have it repainted if you were so inclined; I was not worried about it.

    Interior isn't great, but it's a lot better than you'd expect from the outside. All of the trim is in reasonable condition, apart from the passenger interior door handle trim piece which is missing. The seats are black leather; passenger is good, drivers has a hole about the size of a 50c piece exactly where you'd expect it to be. Carpet is worn where you'd expect it to be. Roof has a small tear above the window, exactly where they often tear. I was planning on using one of those DY repair kits but only ordered the kit from China last week so it hasn't arrived yet. Has some kid of aftermarket headunit that doesn't work - no idea why, I haven't looked into it as I didn't care. As a summary I'd say it's better than you'd think for a car with the kms but by no means flawless.

    I bought the car about 3 months ago with the plan to primarily use it for motorsports. I wasn't fussed about the presentation of it, only the mechanicals. Jump forward to the present and we're about a month away from the first event of the season, so I haven't completed in it yet, and have instead put just shy of 2000kms on it through commuting and weekend drives. It's lapped up both with ease. The only thing I could fault it with is that it did smell hot on some of the ~40 degree days - temp gauge never went above normal though.

    Reason for such a quick turnaround is that an acquaintance has just let me know that he's selling his already built track car. While I understand that this kinda flys in the face of my original logic to keep this car simple and get back into simple/cheap motorsport, the wife is surprisingly on-board with the idea of the other car, so how can I say no? I don't have room for both though so if this doesn't sell in time, I'll stay the course; if it sells, I'll jump ship. Think of it as the universe deciding my fate I guess. Also why the price is cheap – this needs to be a quick turnaround if it’s to work for me.

    The good
    It's the cheapest MX5 for sale in Canberra. It's half the price of the second cheapest.
    It’s the cheapest registered MX5 in the country.
    Rego until December 2020!
    Will supply ACT or NSW roadworthy
    Great base for a track car
    Works brilliantly as a fun commuter
    You don't have to worry about scratching panels
    It's an MX5

    The bad
    Basically every panel
    Gearbox whine
    Tear in the roof
    Tear in drivers seat