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VY S Pack Commodore (Not Running)

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    [QLD] VY S Pack Commodore (Not Running)

    My sister in law (nopics) is selling the family shitter VY S Pack Commodore.

    2003 with 337000kms on the clock. Most of the kms were the trip from Bordertown to Adelaide while she was at uni. Was her daily until the Friday before last when it broke down on the way to our place. RACQ guy though it was the fuel pump so she just had is towed here.

    I jump started it & it drove fine the next day but when she went to drive it home yesterday it conked down at the end of the street

    She wanted a new car anyway so decided to sell it as is to someone who wants a shitter/parts car.

    The paint is bad on the bonnet & the seats are pretty worn. The tyres are newish & the aircon is frosty cold (when it runs). Is on SA rego (in her parents name I'm pretty sure) & rego expires 29/04/2020.

    She wanted $1000 for it but I said she'd more likely be looking at around $500.....

    Pickup is from Collingwood Park - either message me here or call 0403 487 931.

    don't ask to ride my bike and i won't ask if i can shag your missus


    Turned out it was the crank angle sensor - ran fine cold but died again as soon as it warmed up ...
    don't ask to ride my bike and i won't ask if i can shag your missus