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SYD: MY17 Focus RS, Blue, only on 18xxx KM

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    SYD: MY17 Focus RS, Blue, only on 18xxx KM


    The search for a 991/Model3 is hotting up.

    Dec 2016 build MY17 Blue RS
    18xxx KM
    Sync 3 sound system (carplay/android auto)
    Cat back XForce with butterflies and remote/app control
    Cobb short shifter
    Some replacement cooler colour hids in the boot I never fitted (couldn't be arsed)
    Forged black wheel, with cup 2 tyres

    All logbook servicing done and head gasket recall also completed, no coolant loss or rough idle etc.

    Pics, will upload soon, but just google MY17 Blue Focus RS as that what it looks like, it pretty much as new inside an out, I've been the only person in the car most of the time.

    I've owned this car on two years, and never tracked it, or even used launch control once, I have other cars for that.

    Purchased from work mate who is the same.

    Price: Let's say 40K, I doubt you will find a cheaper RS on market with this many KM. If if don't hassle me boring shit then I may even drop it a bit.

    I have until end of Jan 2021 but would rather move quicker as it allows me to be more reactive to any 911 deals that come up.

    Actually just checked KM ar 17xxx, needs to move soon for incoming replacement. Will do PF discount for no-hassle sale:


      double post, oops


        Trying to decide if I should have waited for this before buying the Elise.... Great buying for someone, GLWS M.



          Looks like this spoken for by a workmate (previous owner wants it back!). He's in the process of sorting out finance etc. I'll update here in a week or two if it doesn't happen.

          Edit: Car is sold.
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