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2009 (MY10) Subaru Outback 2.0D Premium Turbo Diesel Wagon (SYDNEY)

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    2009 (MY10) Subaru Outback 2.0D Premium Turbo Diesel Wagon (SYDNEY)

    Reluctant sale coming up shortly
    Sydney Northern Beaches Location

    2009 (MY10) Outback 2.0D Premium with Sunroof / SatNav

    Heaps of pics and info in the following link

    I love this little bus, but with a new car on the way soon, I just can not justify having 3 vehicles and the other two are pretty rare, so my Outback drew the short straw and will be up for sale in the next couple of weeks.

    This has been my daily for almost 3 years now and never let me down....
    Log Books and oil / filter / service every 5,000km. genuine documented average of 6.92l/100km over the last 73,000+ km..

    Just have to wait for my new car to arrive in a couple of weeks - but thought I would put it up now and see if there is any genuine interest..

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Outback_01.jpg Views:	0 Size:	378.3 KB ID:	7202149
    This has been super reliable and I would honestly have no hesitation in getting it it tomorrow and driving it anywhere on a trip. (in fact, if I still have it in 3 weeks - I will probably drive this o Melbourne with my trailer to pick up all my shit that has been stuck down there from Pre-lockdown).

    Build Plate is Sept 2009
    Compliance Plate is Nov 2009
    But they apparently refer to 2010 / MY10 model
    Added Compliance And Build Plate pics to the link as some had asked for them.

    ** Plates hidden as they are not included with the vehicle, will have standard issue Yellow and Black in the next few weeks. **

    Looking around $7,000
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    How many kms on it?


      Originally posted by pwnd View Post
      How many kms on it?
      364K is shown in the photos


        Originally posted by pwnd View Post
        How many kms on it?

        Click image for larger version  Name:	Outback_58.jpg Views:	0 Size:	180.2 KB ID:	7202365
        yes, 364,027 as of yesterday when the pics were taken.
        I bought it with 289,000km on it with Full Subaru Service History. Since I have owned it, I do the Oil and Oil Filter every 5,000km and then the normal "service" every 15,000km

        Oil change and service will be done at 365,000. if I still have it by then, and it will more than likely have another 2,500 or so km if I have to take it to Melbourne and back if the new bus is not ready in time...
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          I’m sorry to say but even tho it looks tidy no one is gonna touch that for more than 5k


            Thanks, yeah, I think $7K is a bit ambitious with the km, but the extras, service history and condition make it a bit more appealing that most of the others currently available at $9,000+

            I am thankfully not desperate to sell it and if I still have it when rego is due I can fire sale it then if I have to, or just keep driving it until it dies and put the new car to the side in the garage and let it keep appreciating in value..
            This is due in May 2021, The New car is August 2021, so have a bit of time to work out what I will do.

            In about 18mths, my other existing vehicle is eligible for Historic/Club Rego, so that will go on that then - So if I can hang out until then, the Outback can stay...

            I know heaps of people say regretful sale etc..., but I honestly love driving this thing as it just does everything I need.. and until about 2 weeks ago, had zero intentions of selling it until this new car kinda fell into my lap and became available.. I made a lowball offer and the bloke accepted it, so even if I take a fall on this, I am still in front with the new one... #swings/roundabouts

            Anyway, it is what it is... I will just see how it pans out and if there are any genuine offers once I get the new one....I will make a decision then....

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              i have to ask, has it had any dpf issues? the missos sister wants one of these but im wary, due to the know drams they can have.
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                When I first bought it - yes,

                Back story,
                The previous owner used to do lots of Freeway driving to and from work - I think the company was based just off the freeway near Milperra in Sydney and he lived in the Southern Highlands from memory..
                It was company car and he was the director of the company and he upgraded to a new one and this went to another staff member who lived inner city so it stopped being a "country car" and lots of short trips which started to give them DPF issues
                They had a new DPF installed and the manifolds etc cleaned and it was fine for a while, but it never really had the longer highway runs it needed to do passive burns. So they traded it in in on a new 2.5L (petrol) one and the dealer just sent it to the wholesaler which is where I got it from...
                When I got it it was 176% blocked, and wouldn't respond to forced Re-gens so we removed the DPF and had it professionally cleaned as well as the manifold etc, fitted a catch can and it's been sweet for me. Mind you whilst I live in Sydney Suburbia, Pre-Covid - it used to do a 150-180km round trip to the Central coast at kleast once a week, so it was given plenty of opportunity to do a passive re-gen. I also had a hydrogen intake clean done about 12 mths ago - seems to have improved throttle response a little - but most say it's a waste of $$$

                My catch can gets about 30ml of oil every 5000km when the oil/filter service is done and my mate who is a diesel mechanic for a heap of interstate trucks and earth moving equipment did 3 consecutive oil sample analysis for me and they came up good (that was at the 300,000, 305,000 and 310,000 oil changes.

                I am a huge fan of the EE20 Outback - But with a big caveat.... If it will not get at least a 1hr freeway / highway run every 10-14 days - they probably will give you problems. Unless you go down the easy $500 DPF delete route and ECU interceptor.. Then you have the best of both worlds..