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WTB - VN/VP Commodore NSW

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    WTB - VN/VP Commodore NSW

    I bought a thing - it's fucking ugly, but it's factory V8 and wagon... I need to replace the interior and bonnet to appease the Gods and avoid the AIDS.

    Primarily I need 4 standard manual wind door trims, full dash (don't need a cluster) and console etc and a bonnet. I'll buy a whole car if cheap enough and if it's a wagon I need a few other bits like tailgate the rear doors and some glass.

    I'm officially old because these are the cars I bought for a $100 and fucked them and now when I need one for parts they are $3k and up for a knackered 6 cylinder.

    Anywhere in NSW but the closer to Sydney the better or if parts, if you can get them on a pallet I can arrange shipping

    Originally posted by race6.3l
    Only gripes are the bluetooth and stereo are bread and butter spec, not one person has been able to hear me properly during a call, even with my head all contorted towards the roof mounted microphone like im trying to growl a chic sitting on a clothesline