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WTB: Harley Davidson (Aermacci) 350 Sprint

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    WTB: Harley Davidson (Aermacci) 350 Sprint

    Hey all,

    Like the Datsun thread, can people keep eyes out on a (preferably) 1972 Aermacchi/HD 350 Sprint for me?

    I want to surprise my old man for his 60th, so I have 18 months, which is plenty of time, really.


    hmmm - quirky bikes

    was watching one on ebay about 2 months ago-

    went for about $4800. of no use now though ...



      even comes with tea cup on rear wheel...maybe some in joke for harley riders


        You're a good bloke you are! Cheers for that

        I'll keep a look out for one without the goofy indicators (and hence can be regard without them, ADR's etc) but i'll keep tabs on that one, maybe if it doesn't sell for a while he'll be prime for a lowball


          yeah reckon its overpriced - $5k more like it.

          not a big market for these - not a real harley for fat blokes to ride - and who out there knows what an aermacchi is ....

          whats the connection to your dad ? - had one in his younger days ?


            lol- and another:

            in SA';


              Looooong story. Yes, he had one back in the day before I was born. Don't want to go too far into details, mainly because I don't know the full story, but because of reasons it was taken without his permission (With permission, but not his permission) by a friendly motorcycle enthusiast.


                2 bikes as a project $ penrith

                yeah , reassembly will be difficult from Scotland ....but ...on the plus side you get to be a gumtree stereotype and offer fish and lizard tanks whilst working overseas on an oil rig.


                EDIT - may be the 2 stroke ones - not SS350. advert is pretty vague


                  I'll keep an ear out at the club for you, I know we have a couple of members who own them. Plus I get club mags from all over the place from our PO Box.
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                  And a fucking 1962 Rover... Because that makes sense


                    74 sprint on gumtree

                    a bit pricy at $7750 - get your lowballs and fishtanks ready :

                    'wat ur best $$$'



                      Ahhh it's a '74...

                      Specifically want one without goofy indicators hence '72, but if they weren't delivered with them in '74 that could be a go-er...

                      Looks good in the photos though. I wonder if that's the original colour.

                      Damn. I'm actually considering buying it site unseen from the other side of the world. I need to calm down a bit. Anyone in SA?


                        pm sent