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[MEL] FS Insane electric scooter of death

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    [MEL] FS Insane electric scooter of death

    My intention was to have my fun then sell it

    Fun has been had

    Now itís time to sell it, prematurely though as rego and insurance and car service is due now sadly otherwise Iíd hang on to it for a bit

    Itís a Unocool T10DDM

    Also known as a Zero 10x

    Itís no dualtron, but itís $1000 to PF friends and lowballers or itís $1500 to Gumtree FB where Iíll post it later on

    Will trade part with cash for a Real good Road bike in a medium size

    So about the scooter...

    Itís going to have less than 200km on the ODO

    They claim 3600w!

    Mathematics tells me that this is in fact impossible as itís 52V 18.2ah battery and has dual 25a speed controllers

    Oddly the manufacturer is more conservative with the specs than the resellers

    Unicool say 55km/h re sellers of Zero claim 65km/h

    Strava has seen 78km/h down a slight hill 80kg rider

    It will cruise on 50km/h easy and will do 60km/h on the flat

    35km is as far as Iíve seen it go off a charge, but this is at a 30km/h average speed, use eco mode and go slow and it may go further, use dual motor and turbo mode and itíll probably only travel 10-15km unless you die first

    The good

    Itís super awesome and built like a tank

    Basically new 2 chargers

    The bad
    Legality is a grey area

    grey being not even remotely legal

    And the lights donít work as I tossed the 12v thingy in the bin as it burned out

    Hereís a video vs my Ebike



    Night time ride of death, note the creaking is the handlebar stem joint, 2 drops of lube and itís silent now



    PM me if interested

    Havenít actually got any photos of it on my phone

    But Iíll be making a new 5km speedrun video with the hero 7 and gps overlay

    So you can see how fast it is or how I died flying down the darebin creek path at midnight


    It is insane fun though

    How does it go uphills, with a half flat battery and 85kg on it itís 1sec off KOM on OíHea st without trying

    Less weight and fully charged itíll beat that by 5 seconds, pulls mad front wheel skids on take off

    And being silent, itís the ideal stealth hoon mobile

    Be sensible and you wonít have any issues with the fuzz, or run and they wonít catch you, till you end up in a fence...


      @5.50 yep thats fairly hooking

      good price

      Originally posted by Jim
      I feel that rules are important as without rules there is no cheating and cheating is a vital part of drag racing.
      Originally posted by elfturbomax
      What has happened to PF? It seems to be diesel love now days. Maybe the name should be changed to Particulate Forums.


        We're you wearing your Batman suit whilst filming this?


          Originally posted by evo-gsr View Post
          We're you wearing your Batman suit whilst filming this?
          Yes my sombrero


            Originally posted by perthdrivers.txt View Post
            @5.50 yep thats fairly hooking

            good price
            Strava shows 58.2 max speed on that segment

            also if anyone wants it but has no money, ill accept payment of my rego $206 and insurance $848 you can pay credit card online for those

            not really interested in paypal but we can go there if needed


              Those cars must've been wtf at being passed by a sombrero wearing bat suit clad mad man on a scooter of death. Weaving in and out of the cars on the road would have made me abit nervous, but the cycle ways look fun.

              Post to Perth?


                Looks like it might be going soon

                Post would be insane $$$ lithium battery and 35kg weight

                Then the size, it came in a box the size of a Mountain bike box, a little bit shorter though but much wider, itís probably cheaper to get sent direct from China LOL

                I bought it only to ride on the creek paths at night, fun as it is to zoom on the streets I really try to avoid that, the trip to work was mostly bike paths at 4am but it was 25+km and I just wanted to get home