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SYD: Garage clean up Free Bits to make a Go Kart

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    SYD: Garage clean up Free Bits to make a Go Kart


    I have a bunch of random parts I collected over the years, mostly free, some I need to get back some money on, prefer you take all free bits together (you'll need them to make up a Kart anyway), not fussed on the bit I want money for:

    Free Parts:

    Senior Kart frame (could be PCR Kart) 30mm
    Bunch of plastics in Black and Blue
    Wheels and tyres (not pictured)
    40 mm Axle (somewhere in the garage I'll find it)
    Seat Large (not pictured)
    and whatever else I find

    Not free parts;
    Baking master cylinder and rear brake (it will need seal kit thru it) $100
    Genuine Honda GX270 9HP 4 stroke (ungoverned, not never used in a racing kart, was previously only lightly used on a pressure washer) $500
    Tillet Racing seat I think small ??? $50

    Complete Go Kart with Geniune Honda GX180 ?? It's the 5 HP one, Engine may not have had the governor removed (can't remember) $500
    Note: gokart will probably need some fuel lines replaced as it hasn't been used in a long time.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	y4mPQIcqNFnQp2xCKPfzPosuFczXJIBXpGCDpSgZN9qG75QfogcfJnwcEzY8ccJBQJjM2tphlDP5h_-AQ4Hv4rwX2CKgjA9XyuW-ePIMHVDsSqkbDsfX1Ja39sKUE4HpKBLtCFvJ9camabGMV0MqeeRXMPzIQzB6obL01If5ryv-Lcd8MIxG45mCbUim0ArjVn77UJnoD7VWcwe7z0M-g3B3w?width=768&height=1024&cropmod
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    Click image for larger version

Name:	y4ms8Ad97jR_2uG-z9ZGTXEjVJDv50CZmvoee4Crt01O_J5CzVa0WHCgXa3sMgv75RTK9KVV3a1GIloZ3wG2Cta4-XeN6UCCyoK83wAaSAQ7HftALK3ir8EdMuwM4h3Cyx5mg0XIoFgWj4q9eXeDd-mZaZzbkAw7KtAfXpQbBPlXKsKs-zBCf8baExoLtCo35iwRQqP3QntNDIQyAJkz75-Kw?width=1024&height=768&cropmod
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Name:	y4m460Tq5gOhu9GnJZiDZRgUugHxYw3Zs1uSgadwpaKRkgwfS-aMQAtqexJ8QnPqXZrkGUUaXBJ9wjvdEDHx9NsH3Ytrf9Lfp_me3PA2eFEDt_D3UH6yZZk3OhsW9hkOZrHrVhEVVkfTU2CFGirP0DAqElycrsPiqTG7O4dvzxioECqPep_CMIyCjizd9I9l6nrySGVhOPauzlBexFF9OU8Zw?width=1024&height=768&cropmod
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    Pm sent


      Guys probably only viable for Sydney based PFers. Too big to out on a pallet.