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Syd: Gas Pizza Oven $50!!!

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    That's a good idea with the double cook, always thought about doing it but never tried it. Does make sense though.


      When you say "knock it back" I assume you mean give it another knead?


        Yeah. Knead it again. So much interest I should start a pizza thread on OT


          Sign me up. I did the multi-day pizza dough trick the other day and it smashed. Needed to knock it back a couple of times on day 2 until it calmed down but was awesome


            Originally posted by MZ21 View Post
            Yeah. Knead it again. So much interest I should start a pizza thread on OT
            Yes, you should !

            Picked this up tonight, thanks again mate. My wife and daughter are into me already to make pizzas tomorrow night...
            The older i get, the better i was...


              Originally posted by MZ21 View Post
              Yeah. Knead it again. So much interest I should start a pizza thread on OT
              Is this thread started yet??
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                OK so here's tonights batch, basic recipe.

                2 KG 00 Pizza flour (if you buy this from a wholesaler you'll get it for less than half price of supermarkets, I buy 12.5 Manildra Pizza flour for $13, compare to 5KG for $15 from Wollies)
                30 grams Salt
                20 grams dry yeast

                Mix dry ingredients together

                Add 1.4 KG water (I weigh it, also going for a wetter dough this time around)

                Knead well make a nice ball and into metal bowl, leave on counter cover with damp cloth for an hour:

                Click image for larger version

Name:	y4mTc_LOeWqbf3ZZso8WujnFrMDboTA_EDf06_BucWRe2KNEExNaz1-hVZGQjcbWw0zfav4H8JpEYN1nQrJmZdeHtwcqN0J6P4l2gNWyjqQWwMZAEFH3gVb09q74mfMzz-50_NXgunfCEOrJ9PuajLlr-tGOAJ0IWeTH_mMQUCADboW-1emmhcb1qqr4SML-T_RYO72p_DNqQwZxk5O3ZbzpQ?width=1024&height=768&cropmod
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Size:	197.3 KB
ID:	7106063

                Come back an hour later and this the rise:

                Click image for larger version

Name:	y4mN1YHtPPR9EpfR8kdi7PcMgvGwPQhMvVarcJNGQDgVOMCa6Nlkyezo7a7S5Gvzv40eXPGyhZzfyBjWXU6_vlfJAzfDZfsBImPd5e8k4RLb3doDHsVF6AfF3ja4_9Tg493H3ODng9ipu8i84cgBzhX7Ixxtciq3TXd-lr8D4OoTFId6WQ2pSmDGTpMXdpFjrHoo7OPCY4cFoA3il1boUE8fA?width=1024&height=768&cropmod
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                Now knock the dough back (you might need damp hands as it will be sticky) to the original size, back in the bowl, cover with cling wrap and into the fridge. That's it. Leave it in the fridge for a slow rise. 3-4 days is great. I shooting for Sunday, but I might be impatient and cook up a batch Saturday and another on Sunday.


                  That's a lot of yeast, you should try a batch with 1.5 g/kg. Assuming just 7 g packet instant dry yeast.

                  Could also double the salt to about 30 g/kg

                  Good hydration at 630 g/kg, 700 g/kg will be fun to handle!
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                    Yeah went a bit crazy with the yeast LOL. Will either be awesome or way to yeasty. Will dial that back next time. Plus next time I shooting for 80% water.



                      Got 8 400 Gram dough balls, left for about 1 hour on the bench (covered of course)

                      Click image for larger version  Name:	y4mni8h71_HTcs-z7nZbQxbRuSehd3tv9lQvv6Ehln4zXLl5n9mVvOPLDA7-sYbhoveh6_QRpdZp81hfN2QFZOof8x42jx4yOYHpe3SZhwPJjfqY7C8ExuKQ3Kd5UFeP4K7vFV0nfQizpxKsKZYPruaaIdUvBNHBKoKO2RSaefrGHVUUipr1T4djf0CmHqaDffjlyQ55wtXshQ2I6zC0yZYgQ?width=1024&height=768&cropmod Views:	0 Size:	321.3 KB ID:	7106468

                      First up I made some Turkish bread to test it as I may of overdone the yeast, nope no problem. If you want to make Turkish bread is basically the same as a pizza dough but instead of sauce you spread on an egg and yogurt wash, sprinkle with sesame and poppy seeds. You end up with this:

                      Click image for larger version

Name:	y4mUmdVT4en_HSh1gGHyiqLzfHJ8nkF6qqav_U85xDYyeJRxItrD3XmvshobjZAJ4x9zoD-SXIeSxJHUI7BBSPZyHr-HzP_sm0pnhTWLU1-qnlZdP1Aa1GptLU5V3DySsXkLsEgkbAS5Ba7K7RmvspKcO3pohSabyuuB3jNPJSutOo0A2S3R3zw0xaozy2z1zrtbw3T_XxJttp6ieaj9OV9xw?width=1024&height=768&cropmod
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                        Drooling here and taking notes - great stuff mate !
                        The older i get, the better i was...