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2004 Rodeo - Not engaging 4x4

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    2004 Rodeo - Not engaging 4x4

    This is now becoming the most frustrating car I have owned.

    4x4 is flashing on the dash and not engaging.

    I have tried so far:

    Resetting TCCM
    Replacing TCCM
    Replacing Sensor on bottom of transfer case that had snapped wire
    Replacing front actuator on front diff
    Replacing rear actuator
    Checked all fuses etc

    Any ideas where to look next????

    These things are just temperamental. Try turning the steering wheel left and right as it's going in / coming out.
    No. Driving an esky along the footpath will be the end humanity. This must be stopped.
    "Lol!! The son of satan will rideth thine esky, wearing nought but the beater of wives and the double secured half sandle, and he will wave his hands in great mirth ushering in the end of all mankind"


      Iíve tried doing that while stationary about 50 times, while rocking the car forwards and backwards, while driving uphill, flat, downhill, driving slow, driving.

      The neighbors on some of the surrounding streets were giving me strange looks because Iíve driven past so erratically and frequently over the last week or so!

      Iíll give it another go this morning but just in case