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    Thanks for your reply RB30 Power. So you are saying that the 2 x 2 ohm rear speakers and 2 x 2 ohm subs are not wired in parallel to present a 4 ohm load to the factory headunit? That's what I've been told a few times now but if that's wrong that changes things. TBH it seemed easy to just replace 2 ohm speakers with 2 ohm speakers (CDT HD6-EX.2 coax). I really don't want to change the existing configuration from the plug and play amp to an external amp, ill probably just rip it all out and go back to stock instead if that's the only option


      Standard Base Model Radio is rated as 80watts (max)
      Level 3 Calais/GTO Radio is rated as 120watts (max) with a 2x70w (max) sub amp, which is how they market the Calais/GTO/HSV models as being a 260watt system.

      If that head unit/amp you are talking about doesn't support 2 ohm speakers,(the website doesn't say if it does when i looked) you will have to upgrade to standard 4 ohm spec speakers - front and rear.

      Subs will not matter as they are driven by the factory amp, the factory amp gets the sound signal from the rear speakers only, this doesn't affect the impedance of the rear speakers in anyway, they will still present as a 2 ohm speaker load to any head unit or amp you wire them too, so if the headunit/amp doesn't support 2 ohm they need to be changed.


        Extremely helpful information RB30, that makes sense. You've saved me making a mistake, thank you.

        So really I just need 4 ohm front and rear speakers to achieve what I want. Subs stay as they are. Alpine HU and Power Pack amp stay as they are.