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Solar dual battery setup help

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    Solar dual battery setup help

    Complete electrical noob, so forgive my ignorance.

    I am wanting to run a solar panel charging system in my van for charging of a few small electricals eg. phone/camera, however I have a larger item that needs charging. Its a battery for an e-bike.

    The battery in question is a Li-ion,

    Rated voltage (V) 36
    Rated capacity (Ah) 14
    Rated capacity (Wh) 504
    Total charge time 5hours
    Charging voltage 100 240 V AC

    Have no idea on where to start with calcs so that the system I install is upto the task. And what other details you might need to work out panel size and so on.

    Any help appreciated. - For the biker who thinks they have everything

    Well "charge time" is a slightly weird spec but based on that

    Assuming 100% efficiency:
    504Wh / 5h = ~100W so that would be the sort of solar cell sizing you'd need and you'd need 5 hours of full power to fully charge.

    At 36V that's about 3A.

    At 240 it's about 0.4A.

    At 240V though implies there's mains charger with the bike or the battery. Is there a power brick in between the 240V plug and the battery that might supply DC to the battery and its charging circuitry? What voltage/current is it rated at?

    Being Li-Ion you will want/need to use the charging system it has to balance the cells so you can't really charge direct, but you might be able to cut out the step up to 240V and then down to the 36V that the power pack likely puts out.