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Small active sub - clueless...

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    Small active sub - clueless...

    So when I had my Galaxie I had an Xlopd (no, not a typo) tube active sub behind the rear seats and it worked perfectly well - gave the speakers a rest from trying to generate too much doof, and did a pretty good job of doofing. And was an all-in-one unit, so easy to hook up.

    Would like to do something similar with my BMW. Current system is a mid-range Kenwood head unit, Rockford Fosgate 5.5" (or something - I swapped out the factory ones and they were betterer) speakers front and back with small factory splits on the dash. It all works well, just want a bit more bass and those little speakers can't deliver enough.

    What I do know I want is something small that I can mount in the boot pointing forward into the cabin at the armrest opening, no doubt using some home-made bracketry/bodgery. So I'm looking at the ones that apparently slip under the front seats, but of course mounted where I want it. Are they any good? I don't want to shake my tail lights off, I just want a bit of punch, that's all. Nothing silly, nothing flash. Just a bit of added bass. And for cheap. And I don't want to fuck about with separate amps either.

    Any pointers?

    Ive used two Fusion actives in the past - one in the MU and one in the VZ SS ute. For a cheapy, worked well and sounded good but small cabins helped in this regard. Absolutely rocked [for what it was] in the MU but thats essentially a hatch cabin which are great for that sort of thing.

    These here

    Id say any of the name-brand stuff [pioneer or kenwood] would do a better job than the ones I had which were perfectly fine for the money. Pioneer also do a spare-wheel-well mounted active setup which may be worth looking into.
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      I had a focal ibus2.0

      Turned a super shit Hyundai sound system in a $60k car into one that would have been pretty good if I also chucked the rest of the stock speakers and added an amp


        Marvellous, that's what I needed to know (i.e. they work reasonably well). I've ordered the Fusion one, will see how it goes. Thanks, kents!


          I had mine under the drivers seat though

          Itís not going to give you p plater VN commodore alpine 15Ē sub doof doof that can be heard 3 streets away, but it can add nice bottom end and a bit of shake

          But the focal one is $$$ and to be honest I havenít used any others, but Iíd say itís probably not worth 2x the price of some others


            I've done similar in my daily. Added a small 4 channel amp to drive the speakers (SONY XM-S400D) and an underseat powered sub (Kenwood KSC-SW11).

            Improved the sound noticeably.


              Just a quick update on this one for completeness' sake...

              Spent a joyful couple of hours running some wires over the weekend. Everything powered up and I got no noise out of the unit. Tried everything I could think of, and finally did a factory reset on the head unit - which worked!

              So for the record, these things are easy as piss to wire up - signal turn-on wire and two RCAs from the head unit to the sub, then a fused wire from sub to battery terminal and a ground. That's it. I'm lucky in that my battery is under the back seat, so it's got a nice short run to the battery terminal and more good grounds than you can shake a stick at.

              I also found that, by happy coincidence, it was pretty much the perfect size to jam into the back seat opening (once I'd removed the ski hatch gubbins. I don't ski). I was originally going to mount it on an MDF board behind the seat poking through, but I don't think I'll bother now. Don't care that the armrest won't go up anymore, because executive car...

              Does it work well? Yep - surprisingly so! It has a wired remote, which I didn't use because I can control it all at the head unit (remote just does volume). But after a brief experiment with a few settings, I now have pretty decent bass in my car, and I can dial the other six speakers back a bit. Can it shake the back window, my tail lights or my fillings? No, but it's certainly bloody good enough, particularly as it's pointing right into the middle of the cabin.

              $200 ish, plus another $30 in the RCA cables and I had the rest of the wiring stuff to hand anyway. Would recommend.


                Nice work! I have an old Jaycar unit in the daily and a Focal underseat unit in the parent's car, great bass filler without taking up boot space. That should pump from that location!


                  Another option is the spare tire subs in lots of euros. Some are passive but some are active with low level inputs.
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