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VE Berlina Front Aux and ground loops

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    VE Berlina Front Aux and ground loops

    I've acquired a VE Berlina for my son when he gets his 'P' plates.
    Till then, I've been driving it around and wanted to add some Bluetooth music capability.
    I purchased this cheap kit from ebay to have a play with:
    Click image for larger version

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    Adapter plugs in the the centre armrest console, with an extender plug to reach the front aux on the headunit.
    On first try, it had a HEAP of alternator whine. So I bought this from Jaycar, and plugged it in between the aux and the Bluetooth kit.
    Click image for larger version

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    That worked okay. I could still hear the whine at high volume if the music was quiet, but was good enough for a total of $25 spent, with a bonus that the kit would say 'da Bluetooth dewice is connected successfuwwy' in a ripping Chinese accent every time the phone synced .

    2 months later, the alternator whine returns. The isolator seems to have no effect, I exchanged it for another without success.
    So went back to just plugging my phone directly into the front aux, to discover that something has changed. Playing music by radio or CD sounds fine, but any music via the front aux sounds tinny and missing any base/midrange. I tried a number of cable/devices to check.
    Reading on the net, it seems common that the front aux on these stereos can break, giving distorted sound.

    So I've purchased a cable to allow me to plug into the rear aux on the headunit.
    Click image for larger version

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    Discussing the situation with the guy who sold the cable (Envyous Customs in Perth), he said that the front aux tended to wear out quickly. However, I knew the previous owners of this car since new, and they never would have used the plug.
    So I find it strange the plug would wear out inside of 2 months, given that the 3.5mm cable would have been removed barely once a week in that time.
    I also called a car audio place here in Adelaide, who said they knew of alternator whine issues in VE Commodores, and had no idea how to fix it.

    What I was wondering, is if the front aux was damaged, because the Bluetooth kit was somehow earthing out through the 3.5mm jack?
    Reading up on ground loops, they seem to be when two items do not share the same grounding point, or the grounds are not consistent.
    I'm hesitant to use the Bluetooth kit again via the rear aux, in case I damage that as well.

    Does anyone have any advice/knowledge in this area?