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    Alpine Upgrade

    Hi guys,

    I’m looking to upgrade my ancient Alpine CDA-9885 HU to a screen HU to utilse a reverse camera. I am choosing Alpine again as the 9885 in the car now is using an Alpine KTP-445A "Power Pack" amp and I don’t wish to replace it. I want to utilise an ISO loom for plug and play as I do now with my optional Alpine ISO loom and retain my AERPRO CHVYVZc steering wheel adapter which works really well unlike other ones I tried.

    I wanted the Alpine i108ad (I assume that the i109ad won’t fit my car) but there are no adapters for this unit yet. Also considered the Alpine ilx-w650e as recommended by Automotive Superstore but there’s some really bad reviews on this unit regarding Android phones and also Carplay which is why I would actually want that unit. Also it can't use the hce-205rd.

    That leaves the Alpine ixe-w400e + hce-205rd combo . I believe this will work with my steering controls using this loom: . Says it works for Holden Monaro and ixe-w400e but do I also need to purchase another loom? The Aerpro website is not quite clear.

    Anyone have any thoughts or experiences with these units including cabling them?