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Head unit upgrade for MK5 Golf GTI

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    Head unit upgrade for MK5 Golf GTI

    Anyone have any recommendations for Brisbane based car headunit upgrade supply/install? Need something that has Bluetooth, nav and reverse cam for a mk5 golf.
    Something something, CAN bus connection for stereo, something can't just twist cables and electrical tape apparently so out of my league to DIY


    An RCD330+/340+ is the go, a later model VW head unit fitted to the Mk5/6 platform in some countries. Certain versions have both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. There are a few different versions around available from different places so it’s worth a look around. Can add a reverse cam or use the existing VW one with a CVBS to RCA adapter. I had one in my Mk6GTI, great bit of kit.

    On a Mk5 you’ll need to upgrade the CAN gateway module as well to stop parasitic power drain if your car is pre-2008ish, can’t remember off the top of my head but I think the gateway part number revision L or later is the go. Head unit install by itself is popping a trim panel and 4 torx screws then unplug/plugin and is very simple if replacing an existing double DIN unit. The gateway module swap is a bit more involved and you need VCDS or OBD Eleven to scan before swap over and recode after swap over. You might also need a radio antenna adapter depending on your current setup.

    CAN gateway example

    Euro Car Upgrades at Maroochydore where the links are from should be able to sort you out. Possibly a bit spendy compared to others but they know what they’re doing with VW retrofits and it would be drive in /drive out with no hassle.