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Motorbike motors into cars? Can it be done legally in nsw?

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    Originally posted by Treeve View Post
    I’ve got all 3 different types of engines in clubman type cars: bike, 4A-GE and rover V8. The light revvy car engine wins hands down for being the most do-able as a daily. 6,000rpm gets dull as a 100km/hr cruise noise. When you get to cane the tits off them, BECs are great. But you don’t do that driving to speed limits. They’re shit for traffic. On a track? 11ty Ines more fun than a 4A-GE, and quicker lap times too. And not as “I’m trying to kill you with power and no balance” of a V8 clubbie.
    Thanks - interesting comment on the V8 experience as well.


      The V8 is lovely to drive down the highway, sounds the goods for cruising in town etc.
      Fun for a fast fang on country roads? Not really. Imagine trying to wring the neck of a 1,000cc sports bike on Aussie country roads. You’re just as likely to die. The V8 is best suited on the road at 3/10ths it’s actual abilities. The other two you can drive legally and safely at 9/10ths. Just the BEC is shut in town and shit on the highway.
      I reckon the best clubbie engine is and S2000 and I’m a bit annoyed that I sold the one I had. Oh well, projects come, projects go.
      I’ve got an unfinished Westfield with a 4A-GE kit if anyone is that keen. About to go FIFO again though so I’ll actually have time to finish it on my days off.


        The new Frasers use an S2000 engine and Quaife type 9 and I agree that's pretty much perfect for a Clubman. They're not that much more than a Duratec and have loads more power.

        I've driven Caterhams with a 1.6 Zetec Ford, 1.8L K series Rover and the Fraser Demo with the 4AGE 20V and to be honest the power levels were all entirely academic. I was held back more by fear and my own shit driving. The gearbox made more a difference than the engine - the five speed Caterham was much better than the T50 in the Fraser.

        The problem with driving any Clubman is that pretty much any other automotive experience can't compete with it. I really need to own one.


          In that case I peaked automotively at around age 22 when I owned a Turner "square rigger" Sports 1300 for 2 years or so before destroying it at the top of of Bitupave Hill at Amaroo Park. Was fun belting around on the road between where I was living in a share house and my parents place on cold hard slicks on a Friday when I went home for a baked dinner.

          A little 3K tojo engine with twin 40mm DCOE webers that revved to 9k was excellent fun.....

          Though to make it appear a little more road legal I usually drove on the wets as they were treaded tyres, still rock hard though.....
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