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1972 Toyota Crown MS 65 2JZ-GTE Conversion

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    The whole kit would be no use anyway of course.

    Starting with a pretty fresh rack out of a daewoo etc would be the most cost effective by far. I'd keep it power steer too if it was me.
    Adjustable cam gears for 1FZ-FE now ready for sale - 10 degrees advance/10 degrees retard. Suitable for all variants of 1FZ-FE.

    (adjustable scissor gear for changing separation angle between the intake and exhaust cams coming soon)

    International sales welcome - PM me for pricing.


      Bump - Any progress?
      Adjustable cam gears for 1FZ-FE now ready for sale - 10 degrees advance/10 degrees retard. Suitable for all variants of 1FZ-FE.

      (adjustable scissor gear for changing separation angle between the intake and exhaust cams coming soon)

      International sales welcome - PM me for pricing.


        Sorry, Itís been a long time guys and I havenít posted progress due to constantly stopping the build due to cost reasons, but itís finally done......sort of.
        Iíll have to get some photos when I get a chance.
        Btw this is long sorry.

        But hereís the rundown,
        We had the engine and A340 gearbox in the car with a custom tailshaft, mounted the 600x300x100 intercooler.
        We went with a micro tech LT16C ECU I wired that in myself.

        Separated the body and chassis, rust proofed and painted the whole chassis and stone guarded the underside of the body. Replaced all bushes with super pro bushes (we had to modify hq radiator mount bushes and use them as body bushes)

        Went a tru-trac in the early hilux diff and got the mounts changed over from the original crown diff.
        Then it sat for a fair while due to cost, and I started a mechanical repair shop in Burleigh Gold Coast, so that held things up abit.

        Anyways move along a fair while later, we decided to change route, we got ahold of a power-glide and had that built, went another tailshaft with billet uniís, Proboost To4z turbo. Had a stainless mainifold and 3Ē dump pipe mate.

        We decided to ditch the original fuel tank and a fabricator friend of ours made a alloy drop tank style fuel tank (which we later painted black because it stood out far too much) we bought A race works twin fuel pump hanger from their surge tanks, mounted it in the tank then modified the existing acces hole in the boot so we can access it with ease.

        We ran -8 fuel lines (feed & return) 80lb Siemens injectors, raceworks rail kit and 1200hp fuel reg.
        Got a set of gauges from speedhut over in the states after a few mess up... and they are brilliant, even though we take more notice of the micro tech dash but it looks the part..

        Setup a B&M ratchet shifter, trans cooler and fan which turns on with ignition, VL commodore alloy radiator with a single 18Ē fan ( then later switched to twin 11Ē fans ).

        By this time we expanded the business and started a performance shop and bought a dyno.
        So it was that time we had to make the big decision of 98 or e85 and after abit of discussion we of course decided e85 (which we are currently regretting due to the brilliant fuel consumption we are getting of around 23L per 100)

        So on the dyno it went, it took abit of getting use to the micro tech software as we had only played with haltech, link and hptuners. But after playing for abit it turned out to be really simple, there isnít as much controll as weíd like but it done the job.

        We finished up around midnight (the neighbors loved that one, keep in mind we had no exhaust due to the location of the outlet facing the dyno straps)

        Made 500hp running I little leaner so we pulled boost back to 20psi from 23psi and ended up with 480hp.

        Drove the car home with no interior bar the drivers seat (making good use of a borrowed trade plate), refitted the interior properly mounted the eboost2 ready for test n tune that weekend.

        After a couple of test passes leaving the line slowly (running 12.5ís just to make sure we werenít going to die) we decided to go abit harder and leave the line on 7psi of boost.. that very next run we went 10.96 @ 126mph.

        We were pretty stoked with that and would have loved another run but it was closing time.
        The very next day I setup a 4500rpm 2-step and after a couple of tests we found we could make 13psi on the line.

        The next test n tune which was held through the day so abit hotter temps we pretty much ran the same times, we decided to give the 2-step a crack. This time off the line it launched hard enough to lift the front left wheel about 2Ē off the ground then blow the tyres off.
        We tried a couple more times and blew the tyres off every time and the body roll from the torque was ridiculous and the drive shaft was hitting the floor. So home we went again.

        We fabricated 2 adjustable top arms for the diff fitted 1 and welded the other in, while it was there I also got some 1700cc injectors and a bigger rear housing for the turbo (.68 to a 1.00ar)
        Hit the dyno again. This time we achieved 560hp on 24psi..

        I think that lasted about a day before ordering a set of Kellford cams and springs from NZ. After a week wait we got them then fitted the same day thenon the dyno again the next day, this time we hit 630hp on the same boost and timing, was really impressive gaining 70hp from just a cam change.

        Anyways thatís where we are up to at the moment and are still yet to run another 1/4 but I can see us getting kicked off the track if we do haha.

        We also now have a Link fury ecu ready to wire-in and go flex fuel which we will get to in the next few months.
        We decided going link mainly due to the flexibility of tuning and there are a lot more features then the micro tech.

        Thereís probably a fair few things Iíve missed but itís all I can think of at this time
        Iíll get some photos soon
        10.95 @ 126 2JZ 1972 Crown
        Nez Motors
        N.E Performance


          Holy thread revival Batman!

          Sounds like a bit of a beast now, can't wait to see photos :thumbsup:

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            lol that is some thread revival, nice work. As above, lets see some photos.
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              Thread update and a half. Nice one

              Now we just need an update from Supercrown!
              The new nugget
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                I spoke to his wife and their house has no shed so no progress but apparently it is next thing being built.
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                  This is awesome. Looking forward to the pics!
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