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Doing an EZ30D or EZ30R into a 98 Legacy-what's the current state of things?

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    Doing an EZ30D or EZ30R into a 98 Legacy-what's the current state of things?

    Pretty sure there's info around on this, but the US subie forums are shit for information. (Nabisco, especially...)

    Anyway, gonna buy back my buddy's 98 Legacy Outback "Montana" edition-He and I rebuilt 3 EJ25D's and put in that thing, the whole time talking about doing the EZ30D swap, and never doing it. In the end, he sold it for WAY more than it's value 6 months ago and we thought that was the end of it-well now it's showed up on craigslist with ANOTHER blown headgasket, for 500 bones. Essentially the Montana edition has viscous LSD's front and rear, huge heavy skidplates over the driveline, and cushy leather seats. That's about it...

    If I buy it back now, nice bit is that I know the history of the car-the gasket will be blown on #3 cylinder again, on the exhaust side. It's been decked once so another run through the machine shop won't make it any better, it just needs to get replaced.

    We always talked about doing the EZ30D swap, and laughed about doing an EZ30R...but now the engines are so cheap there's no reason not to-other than the fact we'd want to run the factory ECU and harness if at all possible. Not because it's the best or that we like it-but because it is a no-fuckery-needed cheap-as-shit way to get it going and KEEP it going. Cost of a Vipec V88 or Link G4 extreme is pretty high to get landed in the states, compared to 40$ for a factory wiring harness and ECU.

    Now, I know the EZ30R has AVCS and quad VVT and the like, but it also has three exhaust ports vs the EZ30D's 1 it worth the fuckery? I am confident I can get the EZ30D ECU to suck it up and run without too much bullshit, but I am not sure on the big single exhaust port thing. I know the EZ30R would need some programming trickery to get it to run correctly without transplanting the entire body harness and all the associated bullshit.

    Short term plan is to get it running and driving on the stock ECU, with the 4EAT that's in the car already, while not blowing all the tax return money in one shot. (Max budget is about 2500$US, the car will be 500$, and there are engines complete with harnesses for 600$ available locally with 80K on them.

    Long term plan is twin TD03-08T turbos from the volvo twin-turbo 6 cylinder S80...because we've already got "a few" (read as multiple pairs) of them laying around. Might have a crack at upgrading the compressor side to the TD03-10C compressor wheel, not sure if it'll go in the tiny volvo compressor housing or not yet. Target is 275HP with right-the-fuck-now boost response for daily-driver AWD performance. At that point, engine management will either be hacked stock computer (unlikely) or some kind of aftermarket. The US aftermarket is complete bullshit for these cars, so likely gonna be buying from Australia then.

    Pretty sure I've seen JZK25's work on these things in other forums/MCM/etc, anyone else got any details on getting the stock ECU/harness to play nice in the older car? (wiring diagrams between the two would be nice, descriptions of what the ECU wants to see would be even better!)

    You can use an EZ30D with factory ecu without too many dramas. You would have to use the matching auto too which means 2 ecus to wire in but it's still doable. Or change it to manual, the engines are much more lively without the auto behind them.
    The engine bolts in but you would use a SOHC crossmember rather than the turbo type crossmember that is in a 98 EJ25 car.
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    Originally posted by bigmuz
    You can't polish a turd but you can put 600hp in it and laugh your fucking arse off coming past someone sideways at Powercruise.


      Good info to have. I'll update with a thread in the street cars section when this gets going.