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Diesel tuning.... Again....

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    Diesel tuning.... Again....

    I have a new model Chrysler 300 with the diesel

    It's a 3L V6 VM motori, not the old Benz diesel

    Anyway it's great makes shitloads of torque and goes hard for a 2.1 ton car

    So I read up about chips and they claim heaps more torque and donkey powers

    But say I don't want a chip with false powerchip claims I want the ecu tuned

    Who can do that in Aus? I haven't been able to fine anyone

    I'm talking tune like I did on my falcon, dyno it and flash the ecu, not just some random dude flashing something he downloads online, I want this thing to still drive sweet

    The same engine is also available in a Maserati and it runs a more aggressive tune for 30 more KW and 50nm TQ, so that'd be a nice starting point.

    I'm in Melbourne and would consider a rod trip to S.A or N.S.W to get this done, as long as it's worthwhile and won't blow the cunt up.

    Or if there is no one, what are the diesel tuning chips out of Europe like before I waste my $$$

    I keep reading on various euro forums that due to Euro emissions compliance new ECUs have antitampering which rules out actual reflashing. Which means plug in interceptor boxes. DPchips in Berrima probably has one that would work for your engine, they claim they can do mine despite my exact combination not being listed, the engine is just not my spec.
    Personally I'm likely to get Dale to see if he can coax one of his Haltech modules to work, might be an option for you.

    Have heard positive things about these guys:
    Hard to tell if they have a module for your model though.


      VM will have a bosch controller, there will be someone that can remap it but not for a while i would guess..

      can do haltech on them easy...

      FWIW i have remapped my colorado ecu and its still 10kw down on what it was with the haltech.. but still having issues getting the boost to go up with the remap
      im a cunt
      and apparently i dont know shit...


        I'm interested to know more about this haltech

        What kind of gains are possible without sacrificing driveability/reliability?

        The car stock is 176kw @4000rpm and 550nm @1800rpm

        Do I need to piss off the dpf for gains or can it stay for now


          DPFs in good condition with low ash mass, flow pretty well.

          It's usually the bend(s) between it and the turbo that are the restriction.
          Originally posted by brewdles
          In short, some cunt at test and tune had a 250cc honda turning to 11ty and it sounded porn. Do that.