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    Originally posted by trdee View Post
    Yeah I had already wired it in so offset it by 365 degrees or whatever it was that it needed to line the syncs back up correctly and then it was all good

    Hes not using the altezza plug in i dont think (need to run 1GZ not 3S), dash will be a fun task. He's already been speaking with Yury and yeah it wont fix everything either. Not sure where we will end up but I'll post in here either way
    For future reference, the Altezza plugin is just a Xtreme. And has almost all the IO coming out of the Altezza header. I'm using one on my 2JZ vvti full sequential so could run a 1GZ waste spark.


      ah i think he went the thunder because he wanted dual DBW
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      Originally posted by Walt Kowalski talking like a crazed hobo
      The major arrests will start from 1st January 2019.