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Cam position mounting setup

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    Cam position mounting setup

    Brains trust - I'd appreciate opinions here. I'm getting rid of my stock distributor setup and am integrating a crank trigger wheel with a Haltech elite. Crank trigger is pretty straight forward, but where I'm at a cross-roads is the arrangement of the cam trigger.
    In my head I planned to install a dowel in the back face of my cam offset from the centreline and use a barra cam sensor. I've done it on a dummy engine and the practicalites of the size of the sensor mean that the dowel isn't as far from the centreline as I really wanted. I'm worried that there isn't enough distance between "on & off" and I wont have enough fidelity to do the job. Normally I suppose the tooth is radial on the cam, but I've no obvious way of mounting the sensor to suit.
    The 8mm dia dowel is offset 8mm in these pics.

    Click image for larger version

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    it should be ok, those sensors are really low output so i can assume they wont pickup if it is off to the side...
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