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    What is bad about the 6L80E? And what is a better trans with engine braking that will go on the back of a LS?

    For the OP, Powertrain Control Solutions (PCS) make great controllers that can be tweaked on a laptop.
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      They just can't be made to be strong where some of the other 6 and 8 speeds can do 1500 ho with a few shaft changes.
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        Originally posted by 10sec rx7 View Post
        i will elaborate on the nexus inputs a little more, it has the ability to use un used outputs as switched and low importance inputs, IE you can put the stick position sensor to IGN 9-10-11 etc, this way you actually do not use any of the 33 inputs to do trans control, you use 4 DPO outputs to do the 2 shift solenoids, Converter lock and line pressure control, even after doing that still leaves 3DPO, 4HBO as well as the 12 high current and 4 X high current, plus the extra ign output and injector outputs which for most setups will have 10 spare.

        by the time you buy a 2500, IO box, NTK dual wideband your not far off the cost of the nexus with all the fruit etc..
        Thanks for the detail
        Originally posted by myshortyboomba
        I've had many gauges in cars. I always found the conrods react faster than a gauge.

        you can always hear them when they break and they stop the engine immediately so you can't do any more damage.