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EK Civic seats in Hilux

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    EK Civic seats in Hilux

    Not a pure fabrication thread per se but EK seats in a Hilux?

    They`re a fucking good seat, done some big kms in a shitbox Civic and felt alright after the experience compared to the tired ute seats. Now have a pair for free sitting here.

    Nothing remotely matches at all. A base of 4 pieces of wide flat bar welded in a square and holes drilled to suit original rails with holes drilled to bolt the squabs to such using high tensile bolts and nylocks/bit of locktite be a thing?
    Like a sandwich plate of sorts, bolts would be a long way away from each other (35+mm)
    The original seats are based on a skinnier and shorter base so the EK seats would "overlap" the original seat rail points.

    Could use front mounting points from hilux sorta drilled and widened but rear of ute crosses to trans tunnel which is a whole `nother issue.

    Can this be/is it a thing?
    Originally posted by Skompa
    Yeah, bit too nice for me, I prefer my R32s with mountains of bog and LS engines

    Which era Hilux? I put WRX seats in mine, worked a treat. Pretty much bolt in, one hole needed some slight massaging.
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      Yeah, 50 x 5 flat bar is my go to for adapting seats. Done it several times.


        calibra seas fit with some fettling and are recaro
        Originally posted by Marv
        Only be concerned if that Dunning-Kruger Motorsports bloke is there and goes all Captain Damphands McGigglefingers on you after a couple of lemon squashes....


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          Thanks gents.

          98 dualcab. WRX are a common fit but would have to actually buy a pair. Already have seats but nowhere near drop-in jobs.

          Was hoping 50x5 would meet the requirements. Shithot.
          Will over lap so there`s gonna be a bolt between base and both sets of bars anyways besides being welded.

          Might even powder coat `em to just to show `em off to the young bloke.
          Originally posted by Skompa
          Yeah, bit too nice for me, I prefer my R32s with mountains of bog and LS engines


            Hands down the best factory seats you should look for are Toyota 86 seats.. super comfortable and they are designed with a flat base like aftermarket seats so retrofitting them into another car is piss easy. A lot of them have blown side airbags so they are cheap and just need stitching up.

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