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GAS FAB - 1985 Porsche 911 3.2ltr Carrera Cabriolet

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    If you made two of every one of these patches you could build yourself another whole car


      that's some amazing work.

      is it a UK import?


        Ha, nuttr, I wish it was that simple to own a porsche.
        Stix, yes it's a UK import.
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          Yep, this is my favorite thread too. Lots of skill. Almost makes me want to go burn some holes in the fbird with the gasless mig to fix the rust. Luckily my Dunning Kruger game isn't that strong.

          Please keep the updates coming.
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            Cheers guys.

            So, now that I have the car back in a structural state, I removed all the temporary bracing. Due to the way I had bolted then welded in the bracing, I had to cut it out. It was very satisfying that when i cut each piece, there were no "Twangs" or movements in the bracing, meaning the car had stayed straight and didn't move when the bracing was removed.

            On the drivers side, one of the botls for attaching the cabriolet roof had previously disappeared and had been replaced with a pop rivet. So i took the rivet out and replaced it with a welded in M6 bolt.
            GAS_FAB_P911_125 by Garvice, on Flickr

            GAS_FAB_P911_126 by Garvice, on Flickr

            The rear quarter panel had a rusted out section in front of the rear tire. This is how it looked when I first received the car.
            GAS_FAB_P911_127 by Garvice, on Flickr

            In order to work on the sills I had previously cut out a large section of the quarter panel and the door shut panels, so it looked like this (minus the bracing)
            GAS_FAB_P911_128 by Garvice, on Flickr

            This is a photo of the bottom of the panel that needed repairing
            GAS_FAB_P911_129 by Garvice, on Flickr

            The client had sourced a repair section which helped but unfortunately required a bit of modification to fit.
            GAS_FAB_P911_130 by Garvice, on Flickr

            I hadn't had a chance to crack out the tig in a while so thought this panel was a good one to fusion weld in due to the close fit
            GAS_FAB_P911_131 by Garvice, on Flickr

            Turned out great with very little undercut
            GAS_FAB_P911_132 by Garvice, on Flickr

            This panel was on and off multiple times so that i could massage the shape/gaps to the door.
            GAS_FAB_P911_133 by Garvice, on Flickr

            Once I was happy I started welding the panel in, back on the mig
            GAS_FAB_P911_134 by Garvice, on Flickr

            For some reason youtube has been recommending videos for me that show people doing lap welds instead of butt welds and even a few videos of guys saying, "don't butt weld as you don't get penetration". So the next two photos show the sort of penetration you get if you butt weld with mig properly.
            Front of the panel
            GAS_FAB_P911_135 by Garvice, on Flickr

            Rear of the panel, "FULL PENETRATION, no more youtubes on lap welding please google"
            GAS_FAB_P911_136 by Garvice, on Flickr

            Client had also provided new shut panels. Here is the final repair with shut panels and rear quarter all welded in.
            GAS_FAB_P911_137 by Garvice, on Flickr

            GAS_FAB_P911_138 by Garvice, on Flickr

            GAS_FAB_P911_139 by Garvice, on Flickr
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              So, on the rear of the car beside the passenger tail light was this small rust bubble.
              GAS_FAB_P911_140 by Garvice, on Flickr

              On removal of the tail light I noticed the panel behind the taillight was rusted and I found the previous repair had just bogged over/through the rust which meant the panel rusted further and left the bog behind.
              GAS_FAB_P911_141 by Garvice, on Flickr

              GAS_FAB_P911_142 by Garvice, on Flickr

              GAS_FAB_P911_143 by Garvice, on Flickr

              So new made a new patch panel
              GAS_FAB_P911_144 by Garvice, on Flickr

              GAS_FAB_P911_145 by Garvice, on Flickr

              And welded it in
              GAS_FAB_P911_146 by Garvice, on Flickr

              GAS_FAB_P911_147 by Garvice, on Flickr

              Behind this new patch panel is a panel that supports the rubber below the taillight and also provides a mounting point for the tail light. This had also rusted through, so rather than repair it, I decided to remove the whole panel and recreate it. Made a quick form and hammered up a new panel.
              GAS_FAB_P911_148 by Garvice, on Flickr

              GAS_FAB_P911_149 by Garvice, on Flickr

              GAS_FAB_P911_150 by Garvice, on Flickr

              GAS_FAB_P911_151 by Garvice, on Flickr

              GAS_FAB_P911_152 by Garvice, on Flickr

              GAS_FAB_P911_153 by Garvice, on Flickr

              And welded it in.
              GAS_FAB_P911_154 by Garvice, on Flickr

              GAS_FAB_P911_155 by Garvice, on Flickr
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                Wow. You'd hope this would have been the cheapest 911 in the world before commencing so much rust repair work.
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                  another great update .

                  like the hammer form you did


                    Fucking top work mate, amazing skills.


                      I cry when I see the rust in this thing.

                      Top efforts mate.


                        Thanks guys appreciate the kudos, since you've enjoyed it, feel free to pass on the link, it's in the public section of the forum.

                        Yep the rust has been bad in this car, but at the same time, there's a lot of nice looking cars out there with good paint and bad bones. At least this one was bought knowing it needed some work .

                        Besides, despite what discovery channel shows sell, we all know buying/restoring/modifying cars is a passion/hobby not a business.
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                          Impressive work mate, thanks for sharing
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