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LS based V4 engine shenanigans

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    Originally posted by bigshipengine.jpg View Post
    I kinda like the idea of making it an inline 4+T.
    Would solve a lot of the crank dilemna's also?
    yep, just cut the beams off the unused conrods and let them flop around and do whatever they want, then use standard crank, cam and everything else. would make for a very rough engine but that would just add to the fun.


      The coolant in your saw is nasty How many hours a week do the students spend in your class? In high school we built wobbler steam engines, and most people didn't even have time to finish that.
      Originally posted by Marlin
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        One of the more interesting threads on here ATM for mine.

        Good shit.

        But for an 18 y.o. in your class, this is the 1st time they've used a set of veneers (or what ever they're called)? Or did I miss something?
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          Yeah, some of them have never held a screwdriver before Aug 4 this year. They're in class 2.5 hours per day, 5 days per week, so 12.5 hours per week in the machine shop.

          Also, that's new, fresh coolant. It's just brown soluble oil instead of the white synthetic that I prefer, but it's what the school has 15 gallons of so until we use it up that's what we've got.
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            Well-They're here!

            The stems mic out showing absolutely no wear, which is good after 296 miles of run time. The valve seats are roughed up pretty bad though on all but two valves.

            These retainers are huge compared to LS retainers, by the time I cut away the large OD to get them down to size (the inner spring locator pad is just 0.25mm too big for a stock LS spring) I'll have probably dropped 4 grams off just the retainer.

            They are definitely uncoated valve heads though. The stems are moly filled and show zero flaking and just enough of a witness mark to say they've been in the engine, but the valve seat area looks like a 100k mile stock steel valve.


              Did a little legwork, and since NASCAR keeps such good records I can tell you exactly who drove, which car, what team, and what position the driver started and finished in when the valves were pulled from the engine.

              These valves last raced:

              NASCAR Busch Grand National Race
              Memphis Motorsports Park
              Sunday, October 20, 2002
              Car #25
              Bobby Hamilton Jr, Driver
              Rensi Motorsports, Team
              Car started in position #33, finished position #37
              Car suffered engine failure after 180 laps, 296 miles
              Engine Number 39.


                You've got Bobby Hamiltons valves. Damn...
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                  Once it is done, throw it in something and show up at LS fest.


                    I'm thinking a go-kart frame will do fine.