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RB30e+t turbo selection

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    RB30e+t turbo selection

    Yes I know I'm a pioneer but forum threads from 2002 on calaisturbo are hurting my brain. wwpfd for turbo selection?

    Application: VL standard RB30e and standard 4sp auto and 25 spline open 2 pinion diff and 14x6" rims. I'm hoping to get a cast iron RB30et exhaust manifold which I believe is T3 flange and will provide clearance to the block/engine mounts for a GT35 size turbo. Probably will use the Megasquirt I have sitting around. Occasional street sleeper duty only.

    Power: Whatever the the standard pistons/trans/diff will live with without being reduced to swarf. 200rwkw?

    I would prefer internal wastegate for pipework simplicity. The cheaper the better but would spend around $1k for a "nice" unit. No need to allow for future big power levels.

    Precision 5858? Chinese GT3071? This Kinu TD06 appeals to me with integrated WG and BOV plus box of fittings:

    Falcon gt3540, 10mm spacer on the stock manifold. Can push 300kw on the stock internals.
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      Sounds good to me! Will the trans and diff live though? I figure the 14" skinny tyres and open diff will be a bit of a fuse.


        With 14's you are going to be blazzzzzzzzzzzzing one tyre... a lot of the time.

        If you lock the diff you'll snap axles on the regular.
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          The jatco will start to slip unless it's been built a bit, increased line pressure and such for over 180rwkw is needed. Aside from that the 25 spliner may survive up to 250rwkw because it will just blaze one tyre and not grip.

          To go quicker you need to build the jatco a little and get a 28 spline turbo-spec LSD or Detroit

          Falcon turbo is absolutely perfect.

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            A rolling burnout is a rolling burnout....right?

            I got laughed out of the Holden wreckers here for asking if they had a 28 spline VL diff so I feel like they are going to be out of my budget.

            I'm comfortable digging into the trans a bit as long as it's DIY.


              My second last VL was a RB30E+T.
              In my opinion, turbocharger options for this arrangement are;

              Standard T3 (can be hard to come by nowadays due to age, but wont kill the rest of the car straight away)

              JPC T3 "secret/big" high flow (looks like nothing has been modified on the hot side, but can make huge grunt)

              Ford/Garrett GT3540 (readily available, but needs fucking around to make it fit)
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                Grab an lsd from an EA2-ED fairmont ghia or equivalent fairlane/LTD. V8 even better as they are 4 pinion. Heaps around and they are usually around $50 from the self serve wreckers. Custom axles arent expensive.
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                  if youre ok with single peggers, get a VN -VS diff, tthey are 40mm wider but are 28 spline, just run a mini spool if its for skids., just replace autos as they break.
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                    Vl turbo diff be $2k lol. I'll sell you my minispooled vk borgy for $1700

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                    Dave, have you uploaded the data from the carby?


                      28 spline axles for these are crazy prices..sometimes easier just go 9" or shortened b/w for big tyres.

                      Cheapest way is narrowed down vn long axles to suit vl diff...long axle not sure it would last with a spool or abuse.

                      Got lsd centre out of coon diff also.
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                        I thought he was asking about a turbocharger???


                          Originally posted by ls400x View Post
                          Sounds good to me! Will the trans and diff live though? I figure the 14" skinny tyres and open diff will be a bit of a fuse.
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                              $2k diff is wayyy outside of my budget for this. Driveline strength is very relevant to turbo selection because I don't want to have to pour many house repayment tokens into a VL.