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Plumbing Boost Controller

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    Plumbing Boost Controller

    Looking to get some clarification on plumbing this boost controller up.
    Blitz Dual SBC

    As Per the attached picture.

    1- the install image shows the bottom side of the waste gate going to the compressor housing (Shown as A) and the IN from the valve unit plumbed in just before the throttle body (Shown as B). Are these 2 locations not the same reading? can they not both just come from anywhere in the plumbing between the compressor and the throttle body (or even the same fitting)? or does it specifically need to be in the comp housing (A) and right before the throttle body (B)?

    2- can A be into the pipe work after the comp housing (Shown as E) or does it need to be in the comp housing? as i have no fittings tapped in the housing currently and would rather not unless necessary.

    3- D this is just vac/boost reading from the plenum? or is C meant to be heading elsewhere? or is D just indicative of T'ing into another vac line (IE the boost gauge, etc..)

    4- Where would the top and bottom fitting go form the Waste gate is there was no controller in the system. Top Vent, Bottom Anywhere before the throttle body? Comp Housing? (A, B, E?)

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