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Car paint (at home) that won't kill the kids

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    Just guessing but pretty sure it is the Workquip P102G. I'm sure someone else will come along to confirm.


      The workquip ones fuck up real quick. Most high volume panel shops use them for plastic primer and non hardened clear for sprayouts.

      Can barely get 12 months out of one before something goes wrong.

      Last plastic primer one lost the ability to control the fan width.

      What do you intend to use the gun for and what's your budget?
      I reckon you'll be happy with the
      devilbiss gti pro lite for about 500 or the

      Iwata w400 for about the same money. You can get one of these off eBay in Japan for $250 but you won't get a pot with it for some reason. Pots are under 100 for genuine or about 50 non gen. If you can wait for it to be delivered this one would be the one to get

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        I started my spray paint journey on this forum too. Started with the workquip gun! 10 years later and after a further 5 spray guns I’m now at a point where I can get an excellent finish off the gun. My current guns are the Anest iwata ws400 and the lph-80. I never could get a good finish with my previous guns (gti pro).

        My experience goes against what everyone says. I spent countless dollars and time trying to get the perfect finish. Everyone says it’s technique more than anything.

        But in my case I bought a supernova ws400 and out of the box it gave me a finish I didn’t have to run back and polish! Expensive gun, but now I think it’s been a bargain.


          I ended up with the workquip gun with the three tips. Haven't had a chance to use it yet because of weather and a knee injury that has me.on crutches for another couple of weeks at least.

          I don't do a heap of spraying so it should last me a little while.


            Can’t even remember why I started this thread, but I finally sprayed an entire cage + inside of a car. Fucken pain in the arse it was.

            Epoxy undercoat, silver on top. Get any high flow gun, after 4hrs of spaying you really don’t give a fuck what tip or gun you’re using for a one off
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