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    Originally posted by dnegative View Post
    We do thousands a year at work, for engines your really looking for lead, iron, aluminum and fuel levels but you really need to do a few to work out what's normal although with the ones we do, they know what's alright and what's not. If it's abnormal for the engine type they let you know.
    This. Fucking this.

    Can't draw much of a conclusion from just one sample you've caught in a dirty old container.

    The DIYers are always fun to deal with this. They won't get me to catch them a sample in a new specimen jar, but they'll quiet happily jack the car up, crush the sills, round off the sump plug with Grandad's old shifter, then not tighten it up again, and not top the oil up afterwards. Always complaining about oil consumption, aluminium in the oil at the first service... Regardless of the alloy block, head, sump and cam cover...
    Originally posted by brewdles
    In short, some cunt at test and tune had a 250cc honda turning to 11ty and it sounded porn. Do that.


      I've seen engines blow up and shit cams that have returned acceptable samples for ages so it's not the be and end all. I also see plenty of final drives that come back bad for iron/silicon, customer panics, you spend a day stripping it and there is nothing wrong.

      Pretty sure we told a few people if they don't want to see 'bad' samples then stop sampling the oil. Chinese stuff you don't, fucking christ you get some metal out of Shanghai ZF axles and transmissions.

      It's a nice tool to have if you start seeing abnormal readings, it's really good for fuel and glycol but I've never met someone who has a running engine who has pulled it down because of higher than average iron or aluminium.

      But yeah, you really need at least 3 to figure out what's normal.