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DIY seat retrim - What foam?

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    DIY seat retrim - What foam?

    Good morning learned scholars.

    I am looking into doing a full retrim for the seats in my Toyota Stout. I will soon be getting an old seat that is badly weather damaged and I intend to strip it down to the bare frame/springs, then re-foam/trim/etc it.

    Although I have never retrimmed a seat, but I have done a few door cards/etc and its always ended up going easier than expected, plus a Stout seat is a pretty simple design. Like so:
    Click image for larger version

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    Finish material would just be some sort of vinyl. Ideally a premade product so I dont have to worry about sewing/etc. I will still have to do the foam though.

    My rough plan of attack:
    Pull seat apart and bin all gross old foam & fabric
    Strip all the metal back and paint it
    Lay some new hessian over it and secure
    Lay some new foam over that, glued to the hessian
    Carve foam to shape
    Cover seats in manner yet to be confirmed (hopefully not involving sewing)

    Has anyone got any experience in this? Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced* foam that would suit the purpose?

    *I dont mind paying for foam that is fit for purpose, just dont need some Maybach quality bullshit

    Thank you kindly
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    I used to work at a wholesale place that sold foam to the industry many many years ago and the shit was expensive as back then, maybe try a trimmer for offcuts

    Or hard rubbish day, rape a couch or other car seats you may find

    Depends on how cheap you want to be


      I figure something like $100 for foam would be ok, but from some googling the 'standard' type of seat foam could be $200-300. That seems excessive, and I imagine is better suited to some pimp-my-ride spec build.
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        ive covered a bench seat base (not back) with a plain sheet of vinyl. benches on old cars are easy as no shape to them- except sides and corners

        seat cover was ripped but good condition underneath . so to get rwc and not spend $2K on a retrim went to spotlight and bought some plain black vinyl.

        was easy enough to place over the top of orig cover and secure at the back with hog rings where orig cover was.
        . then pull tight over the front and secure with hog rings . sides the same - BUT the corners needed folding like wrapping a box in Christmas paper . looked a bit shit there .

        if pulling your covers off - should keep them - as if you can find a guy who will do new covers for you - can use oirig seat covers for pattern.

        i'm sure there is a trimmer out there in Mumbai who could do a set for you cheap cheap and deliver camry covers


          Cheap foam=uncomfortable seat that ultimately collapses due to wear.
          I'd imagine the Stout would have a relatively simple foam pad over jute then the springs.