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Dual Mass vs Single / Solid Flywheel ??

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    Dual Mass vs Single / Solid Flywheel ??

    So, I have a 2009 Subaru Outback Diesel 6Spd manual with about 320,000km.
    Fantastic little bus that I love driving - and now that the DPF issue is sorted - I am getting back to 6L/100km average per tank
    The clutch is starting to shudder a little when it's cold - It's otherwise rock solid and puts the power down with no slip etc.
    It only happens for maybe the first 2-3 take offs from first gear when it's cold, after that it's fine

    I was told that this is a by-product of having a dual mass flywheel and can''t be avoided - is this true ?
    I was also told (by the same person) that I should replace it with a single mass or solid flywheel when I (eventually) replace the clutch.

    What are the differences in driving characteristics I am likely to experience if I swap to Single / Solid
    Pros and cons of both ???


    Given how far you've made it, I'd replace it with a dual mass. They are a bit smoother and when cold the dual mass does help. People who put single mass on the Golf's sometimes say they are marginally rougher, whether or not you care or can tell is another thing.

    You've made it 320,000km with one, that's a pretty good run. I don't know about shudder being due to dual mass, likely it's just worn out.


      When I took the Lesbian GT in to get a new clutch I was told that the dual-mass needed replacing. Mechanic said he instead got it "rebuilt" cost was $130 about five years ago.

      No idea what he was on about as dual mass flywheels mean nothing to me. It was a Subaru specialist in Perth and they reckon the dual mass was "The Devils Work" but fine for me puttering around with.


        Dual mass costs a lot come replacement time. As far as I know that's the big downfall. Driveability is good.

        I was always led to believe shudder was glazing or surface contamination. But if you have done 300k+ on the clutch it's amazing and if it stops tomorrow I'd put the same thing back in.


          different car but still might help

          the dual mass on the back of my 2JZ was getting on so i replaced it with a single mass, not one lick of difference in performance or smoothness, only thing it did was make the already rattly supra getrag a bit more rattly at idle.


            Single mass made my XR5 sound like a rattly Ducati at idle.
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            Originally posted by Monza
            I've never considered myself the type of guy to eat arse but I am currently reviewing that policy


              In a Nissan S15, changed from dual mass to single mass, but lightened flywheel.

              Big changes to drive-ability; but suggest that was due to lightened flywheel (quicker to rev), higher clamping pressure and clutch disc material change, rather than because of the change from dual to single mass flywheel. No noticeable difference to NVH/additional shuddering etc.


                I have heard of vehicles with single mass flywheel retrofits suffering harmonic balancer failures (told by another mechanic I know), but I haven't seen it first hand. I am mostly do like for like replacements these days, rather than changing to single mass.


                  Cool, Thanks for the comments,
                  did an 800km round trip on the weekend - fully loaded and no slip - didn't even shudder when cold. So was happy with that..

                  I am taking it to a mates workshop tomorrow for it's regular 5,000km oil/filter change - so will see what he thinks...


                    Went single mass on both my navara, and on nopics Gen4 liberty when the dual mass flywheels fucked out.

                    The liberty went from slight shudder to totally fucked with no drive in about 500 km.

                    Liberty was a little noisier at idle but nothing worth worrying about.

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                      Thanks Rowdy...
                      It's already noisy being a diesel.. so that shouldn't be too much of an issue hopefully


                        Try and get a sprung/dampened plate to limit noise.

                        Had a lot of noise with solid centre's on the original twin plate I had, worse the bigger the gbox gears and backlash, post 59


                          Ive got a solid centre carbon twin plate in front of a getrag V160 (OEM implementation had a dual mass flywheel) and it sounds terrible below 1000rpm when warm. like people tell me my gearbox is fucked at traffic lights terrible.



                            All this makes me feel better about my tko600 sounding like it has a bucket of bolts in it when in neutral at the lights.
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                            Originally posted by rollin7
                            but I'm seriously in love with this thing ...the pure uselessness and dickheadness of this mustang makes it the most enjoyable car I've ever driven, its fucking STUPIDLY loud for no reason, it gos real fast but wont slow down, they have made the suspension real hard and yet and it wont corner worth a shit. theres something very Aussie about it, like the drunk guy who makes a hat out of watermelon.