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Re-gluing bubbling door trim vinyl/material.

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    Re-gluing bubbling door trim vinyl/material.

    My car has a unique synthetic suede covering on the doors and rear quarter trims that has started lifting. I'm hoping I would be able to peel off the material and reattach it with an appropriate 3M spray on contact adhesive. Anyone had any experience with this?


    like Alcantara? Get it recovered


      Similar to Alcantara but some weird 80's Japanese version. You can see on the top of the drivers side where it's lifting, this photo is pretty old though, it's a lot worse now. I'm not sure I'll find an exact match for it and don't really want to recover the dash and center console as well.

      Click image for larger version

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        Carefully remove the material. Some of the Soarer stuff is stitched. Scrap the dried old glue off with a plastic scraper or a green scotch brite. Go easy as the material isn't very forgiving to you pushing down, it was OK to pull though, just not in a tearing action.

        Spary both surfaces with 3M high tack 76 spray, do not soak the surfaces. Leave for about ten minutes and bring them together and smooth with your palm with a firm motion in the direction you are laying it. Brush with a mnail brush when dry (overnight) to get the texture back.

        For the carpet bits. Find some carpet under tthe rear seat and cut the piles. Use some glue (I Used PVA) and stick to the worn out bits. Again wait to dry and brush into shape.

        Ohh, you have electric wheel tilt. Fancy...
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          Sounds like you've been through the process, I wish I hadn't got rid of the old door skins from my wreck. so I could have a practice first. How were your results?


            Your not to laugh at this.

            Really good. My Mum showed me how to do the carpet (she worked at a carpet making factory) and her hobby was working with leather (no not kinky shit) so she was able to guide me through it.

            Seriously take you time with it. Don't rush and if something starts to rip, because your going slowly you'll spot it straight away and be able to fix it or hide the issue. Looking at the bubble you've got I say take the windlace and door seal off where it meets the windows and slowly peel it back only until the bad bits are apart. Then work from there.

            I can't believe how well that interior has held up on that thing. Really shows that Toyota over engineered those Soarers.


              Thanks for the info mate, I'll get some before and after photos when I tackle it.