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Nissan TB48 - worth it?

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    Nissan TB48 - worth it?

    Does anyone here have any experience with these TB48 motors?

    I recently picked one up quite cheaply, looking at the size, it's quite large, similar to a barra, maybe a little longer. The sump is really deep too.

    I have pulled all the accessories off and will post some pictures over the next few days with the cylinder head off, engine stripped down ect.

    I am thinking about using one for a project, there seem to be a few parts available for them, not to the extent of a 2j though.

    Oil pump gears seem to be a common fault, as well as the timing chain tensioner

    Short answer is yes.

    What are your power goals? Do you need a lot of torque?
    Originally posted by Babalouie
    Geez we're a bunch of softcocks...we have a 911 and we're obsessing over non-functional ducts and indicator colours


      Plenty of parts in Dubai


        Yeah. The people over here love them. I've seen plenty with decent turbos strapped to the sides enduring some serious abuse.
        Torque sells tow cars.
        Horsepower wins horse races.