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Replacing the TCM / Mechatronic unit in a ZF6HP26

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    Replacing the TCM / Mechatronic unit in a ZF6HP26

    Car is a ford falcon FG G6E 2008. Car has 65,000kms. Car was giving me 5-10% harsh shifts.

    I f0cked up my TCM / Mechatronic unit. I was first changing the fluid and then some seals on the Mechatronic unit.
    I dropped it on the ground with my car on jack stands.

    I put it back and filled it with fluid.

    The car would not go into gear.

    I read the PCM, the error code was P0973 Shift Solenoid ‘A’ control Circuit Low

    I am thinking it is the broken one in the picture down the bottom.

    What I understand is that I can get another Mechatronic unit from another FG and reprogram it with PCMTEC that I have access to. Solenoid kit ZF# 1068298044

    Or I can just replace faulty solenoid or should I change all six?

    There are a lot of options to purchase these but I don’t know where from.

    What is my best course of action here? My way of thinking is get another solenoid kit, reset the transmission adaptions in PCMTEC somewhere and hope for the best. >> this is it dropped