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    a walbro 255 would run that engine. 300rwhp would be easy.


      Originally posted by ROBAPHENT View Post
      Hey, guys.

      With these PWM setup's how low can they go in regards to pumping fuel? looking for a setup for my X3 Toyota it is a simple 2JZGE with ITBs but i was looking at buying a Bosch Motorsport BR540 (overkill i know) but suitable to E85, currently on sale etc will the PWM run into any issues running the pump at a much lower rate then i guess it was intended?

      anything i should be worried about?
      at very slow speeds turbine pumps can be quite pulsive due to surge. they like fluid velocity to stay away from their surge line at operating pressure.

      positive deplacement pumps perform better at low speeds with vane pumps being good and twin screws being great. the pierburg screw pumps are fantastic at all speeds but they are quite long due to the design.



        Yeah it would, just looking at options of just in case i built a different engine into it later on at least fuel system will be fine and wiring.
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          About 30% is as low as you can go from memory.
          Rust is lighter than carbon fibre.

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